Sunday, November 22, 2020

D&D Miniatures Portal

Dungeons & Dragons might not come up much these days as a full-scale wargame, but there's going to be quite a bit of it on this site.

From Battlesystem to the Miniatures Handbook, through to Attack Wing and straight up home-brew tomfoolery, D&D has always provided a sort of baseline for miniatures.

In general, the entries for D&D here on the Iron Seer blog will not be RPG focused.  Rather, they will be focused on the spectacle of the miniatures contest itself.  For RPG-related material, check out the RAWRPG section of the site.

The dungeon is just as much a warzone as many of the other locales we'll visit together.  Time to start looking at it that way!

Last Entry: 09/23/18

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