Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blotz Mystic Circles

Blotz Mystic Circles!
Today's Lesson:  Step ONLY where you mean to.

If you've never heard of Blotz, then go over right now and check it out.  They have a wide selection of cool mdf stuff, for lots of different purposes.  I recently made an order of several items and got them in pretty short time for a trip across the pond.  Of the pieces I bought, the most simple among them were the most important to me in the short term.

So, for some reason I found some 20 year old glazes on the back half of the shelf.  I decided to see how they worked, how they fared and whether or not the first Citadel bottles were indeed the best.  These two circles are done with ancient Blue and Yellow Glazes by Games Workshop, from sometime in the 90's.

I guess I've had these for this long and just never really knew how to use them.  Fast forward several (twenty plus) years and they are still knocking around but now I have some idea what to do with them.  Nevertheless, I decided to see how they came out on their own against a neutral background.

Blotz Mystic Circles!
Do not stand on unfamiliar runic configurations while spelunking mysterious & sinister
constructions, especially if you are in pursuance of any particularly powerful motivations (group or individual).

It was more tedious than I would have liked.  I painted white into the grooves on the discs, then glazed them with a different color each.  I then overbrushed the stone with Mechanicus Grey, which nicely matches my spray Armory Grey.  Wow, old stuff.  Time to get rid of it!

I finished these two discs using Red and Turquoise Glazes, respectively.  They have an odd sheen to them, but finishing should dull it a bit.  They look great, and will be specifically used for Frostgrave...there's a certain scenario that requires four such arcane circles, you see...

Blotz Mystic Circles!
Do not utter arcane monologues in any mystical syntax (known or unknown) while holding objects of cosmic investiture while simultaneously standing on said unfamiliar runic configurations.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Mongoose Traveller, 2nd Edition

Mongoose Traveller, 2nd Edition
A few weeks ago, GameDoc finally decided to get us out of quarantine by inviting us to do some online gaming via Fantasy Grounds.  My own experience with Roll20 meant I was disinclined to play online, but he had shown us around the program a while back and I thought 'hey, if he's gonna do the setup, I'll show up.'  I am now very glad I did.
I'll talk about Fantasy Grounds later, for now, I want to focus on Traveller.  Specifically, in this case, Mongoose Traveller 2.0.

I've heard a lot about this for a long, long time.  It's a staple in online discussion forums, and I've learned quite a bit just through osmosis.  I've seen Traveller material in shops, and even owned Traveller material at various points in my game-time.  It was just one of those things we never got around to playing, what with the Rifts and all.  And so, I was quite happy to jump in when the invitation to the game went out.

Traveller has a very interesting character creation process that actually outlines the history of your character as you build up their skills, stats and assets.  I've seen systems like these, and even played with some such as old school Legionnaire.  I like these systems a lot, though they may seem old-fashioned to newer gamers.  

The system is quite robust, and putting together a timeline that matches all the player's backgrounds can be really fun.  The main objective during Session 0 was weaving our characters' histories together.  For my own character, I wanted someone who couldn't do much inside of combat but had a lot of other skills.

Enter Hernando Patrice Mondocane del Contreras LXIX.  I cannot show you a picture today, but he looks just like Patrick Hernandez.  Everyone should take the time to remind Patrick Hernandez that you love him.

As we went through the creation process, events occur to your character.  Working together with the GM, we filled out our character's backstories based on what we were presented - you don't always get exactly what you want in character creation, as is evidenced by my constant failings of important tests.  Despite all that, I ended up with one of my favorite player characters to date (in any game).  

GameDoc compiled everything into a text file and tidied it all up.  The resulting tale was complex and compelling.  I present to you this document, brought to you by your GM, GameDoc.


•  J.C. Khaine is born on the planet of Mirenme to a 

    family of colonists.


•  Hernando Patrice Mondocane del Contreras LXIX is 

   born on the planet of Matig. His parents are 

   researchers who study the indigenous flora and 


Planet Matig by Dave Bone
Planet Matig.  Much purple.  Such lush.


•  J.C.’s uncle relocates from Mirenme to Tinath, 

   hoping to establish himself as a merchant among the 

   younger colonies there.


•  J.C. applies to the Calidan Naval Academy, but is 

   rejected. He instead enlists and serves one term as

   crewman. His career is cut short during an accident 

   in which his legs are crushed. But he managed to 

   make friends of his shipmates, including the son of a 

   Baron on Cenhening, who gets him a job on the 

   household staff.


•  Amadeus Khaine is born on Tinath to J.C.’s uncle.


•  Sally May is born on Priti into a family of colonists.

•  Riley is born on Ashfield Station, where his parents 

   work on the space docs.


• Amadeus’ parents fall on hard times. His father takes 

  to fencing stolen and smuggled goods to supplement 

  his legitimate mercantile operations. Amadeus begins

  to show signs of psionic potential.


•  Hernando becomes fascinated with the fringe 

   science of psioncology. He applies to admission to 

   university, but is denied because essays are focused

   on such a controversial field of study. Disillusioned, 

   he hops a freighter and drifts from system to system.


•  J.C. works hard for the Baron of and becomes part of 

   his official retinue. He is awarded the rank of Knight 

   and entrusted with increasing responsibility.

•  Hernando returns home to Matig and finds work as a 

   field researcher. He loses an eye during a lab 



•  J.C. is assigned to mediate a dispute among the 

   Baron’s staff. He discovers one of the cooks has

   been abusive towards the others and fires the man, 

   making a new enemy.


•  Hernando is dismissed from his research position

   due to his unorthodox proposals to look for psionic 

   potential among animal species of the planet. He 

   again becomes a drifter, eventually finding work as a 

   scavenger in the asteroid belt near Ashfield Station.


•  J.C.’s service to the Baron is further rewarded. He is 

   made a diplomat and allowed to represent her family 

   in off-world dealings.

•  Hernando has become a medic for his scavenger 

   crew working the asteroid belt, while attending 

   courses in his spare time. The company CEO takes a 

   liking to him and helps him get admitted to medical 



•  Hernando completes medical school and applies for 

   a fellowship under Professor Quentin Warwick, a 

   neuroscientist who is one of the few credible experts 

   on psioncology. However, to get the position, he 

   submits findings from his own graduate research 

   without giving credit to his partner, making an enemy 

   of a former friend.


•  J.C. uncovers a conspiracy of other nobles on 

   Cenhening to strip the Baron of his title. For exposing 

   them, he makes yet another enemy, this time a noble

   exposed as a conspirator. 


•  Hernando completes his fellowship and sets up his 

   own medical practice and research venture into 

   psioncology, but has trouble getting funding. He 

   begins to dabble in shady deals with criminals and 

   unscrupulous nobles to get funding. It’s quite 

   lucrative, but not without risks. Although he tires to 

   cover all his bases, he winds up owing a “favor” to 

   one of his financiers.

•  With the help of Hernando, Amadeus is covertly 

   transported to Crefleu to study under a psionic tutor. 

   After four months, he returns home to Tinath to   

   oversee the illicit aspects of his father’s business, 

   using his psionic powers for advantage and making 

   contacts in the criminal underworld.


•  Sally is accepted to university and majors in 

   performing arts, but also studies architecture and 

   develops a love of gambling. 

• Riley enlists in the Calidan Navy and is trained for 

  flight service. His commanding officer takes an 

  interest in him and secures him a commission as an 



•  Sally graduates from university and is hired by a 

   large megacorporation as a customer service 


• Riley and J.C. meet when the Baron sends J.C. on a 

  diplomatic visit to Undpoar and Riley’s ship is

  assigned to take him there.


•  Sally is enrolled in a business administration course 

   and then promoted to office manager at the 

   megacorporation where she works. She befriends a 

   fellow trainee who works for the Priti ministry of 



•  The Baron passes away and his daughter becomes 

   Baroness. J.C. tried to advise her as best he can, but 

   as many young suitors seek to gain her affection, 

   they treat the overprotective J.C. as an obstacle. 

   Three younger knights in particular begin to see him 

   needlessly as a rival. 

•  Hernando competes for the affection of a much 

   younger woman who shows psionic potential, but 

   loses her to a bank executive closer to her own age.


• Amadeus’ father’s business collapses and Amadeus 

  is forced to flee Tinath. He takes up work as a 


•  Sally’s employer is shut down due to tax evasion. 

   She takes a new job in a brokerage firm.

• Riley is discharged from the Navy with the rank of 

  sublieutenant. His skills as space pilot land him a job 

  in the Calidan Scout Service where he works as a 



•  While en route to Ainsarvi, Riley encounters a 

   passenger ship under attack by pirates. He fires on 

   the pirate ship, driving it away. Despite his best 

   efforts, he is only able to save a handful of the 

   passengers, including a young noblewoman whose.   

   injuries wind up leaving her paralyzed from the neck 

   down. He later hears the pirate captain has learned 

   his name vowed to kill him.


•  Hernando is approached by a noble family whose 

   daughter has been permanently paralyzed from the 

   neck down. They request that he perform a legal but 

   ethically questionable procedure: implant the brain of 

   the young woman into an android body. They pay 

   him an obscene amount of money. The procedure 

   appears successful, but before Hernando can.   

   determine the long term outcome, the patient steals a 

   ship and a great deal of his money and escapes.


•  Amadeus uses his criminal contacts to try and   

   secure an inside deal on land prospects in Tinath so 

   he can return home and go legit. Several nobles from 

   Cenhening are also in on it. J.C. is offered a chance   

   to take part in the affair, but chooses to expose them, 

   making even more enemies. Disordering his cousin 

   in the middle of it all, he works to shield Amadeus 

   from being implicated.

• The nobles attempted to use Sally’s brokerage firm to 

   purchase the land. With the help of her friend at the 

   ministry of justice, and some words of support form 

   J.C., Sally is able to show the authorities she was 

   also being conned. 

•  Feeling bad for almost getting her sent to prison, 

   Amadeus abandons his prospects on Tinath to help 

   his cousin clear her. Still wanting to go legit, he takes 

   a job at the brokerage firm, again using his psionic 

   abilities to his advantage.

•  Riley has managed to secure a mortgage of his own 

   vessel and elects to leave the Scouts and go into 

   business for himself  as a free trader. He marries an.   

   engineer from Ashfield Station, but the relationship 

   ends with a bitter breakup after only a few months. 


•  J.C.’s status among the nobles of Cenhening is 

   falling fast amid too many enemies and rivals. 

   However as gratitude for his fouling to plot to grab 

   land on Tenath, one of the nobles on that planet, the 

   Baroness Edda, lets him know he’s always welcome 

   there. It might be a good home base, but J.C.'s 

   boyhood dream of space exploration never got     

   realized. It’s time to Travel.

•  Riley decides to take to the stars as a Traveller after

   his divorce. He has an ideal ship. Now it needs a 

   crew. There’s a lot of buzz on Tenath these days.

•  Hernando retires from his career as a medical 

   researcher and decides to use his accumulated 

   wealth to pursue personal interests. He contacts 

   Amadeus, one of the few true psions he knows about 

   joining him on his voyages. Amadeus was born on 

   Tenath, maybe there’s something in the ancient ruins 

   there that holds the secret to psionic  powers.

•  Amadeus and Sally leave the brokerage firm to 

   pursue the life of a Traveller with Hernando.

That brings us to the start of our game. Check out part 2 here.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Treasure Tokens

Fantasy Treasure Tokens
You like gold?  Huh, kid?
What am I saying?  You're an adventurer - of course you do!

Treasure!  It's what's for dinner - if you're a certain kind of murder-hobo.  

Here's some fantasy treasure markers, mostly cast-offs from larger Games Workshop kits.  This clutch of game tokens is a group that was painted a long time ago.  I'm not even sure who painted these, as they once belonged to the old club.  I know Miss Anthropy did a few of these...maybe (probably) even all of them.  

Fantasy Treasure Tokens
Be careful - statistically, at least one of these is a mimic (and the rest are trapped).

This collection of tokens comes from a wide variety of sources and I'm not sure where they all came from.  Some were painted quite some time back, but I'll try to mark where they may or may not have come from.  Currently, these are my main set of Treasure Tokens for Frostgrave, though they have been objective markers for a while.

Fantasy Treasure Tokens
Greetings, I'm Tryna Gitmunny.  How do you do?

Now, they serve many different games, not just Frostgrave.  That's why they do not have snow applied to them, and why I won't apply snow to any of these markers.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Covid-19 Update

Curse.  As the Lord intended.  Become famous.  Yesterday no longer matters.
Inspirobot lives in the moment.

It's on the rise in our county, and even though we've been on lockdown the last few months - we just battened down the hatches for the next few.

In fact, I wanted to take a moment and go ahead and talk about the future Iron Seer Gaming.  Specifically, that I want there to be a future for Iron Seer Gaming.  Consequently, our lockdown here will most likely persist until 2021. 

While this means that new campaigns will most likely not occur (unless they are online), it does not mean I won't have content for the site.  Actually, quite the opposite.

We've already lost half the year.  Why not take the rest and try to finish some of these projects?  Maybe 2021 will be a banner year for cool battles and awesome terrain displays.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Reaper Bones Crates & Barrels

Reaper Bones Crates & Barrels (and Stuff)
Everyone needs some old sacks, boxes and creaky barrels.

I've had these for a minute, but finally sat down and painted some wood.  These came from Bones Kickstarter II,  so it's been a few years.  Hopefully in a few more years, I'll have all this stuff painted.  I need to hurry, because Bones IV will be here in a quick minute.

These were pretty easy and quick.  I used GameColor Charred Brown as a base, painted directly onto the Bones material.  After that, Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black filled in the grain, and I used an un-named brown that I had used on Reaper Cemetery Gates.

Crates & Barrels (and Stuff)
This is where we keep the booty...the PIRATE booty.

Since this collection isn't for any game in particular, I added some bits together to make some more pieces.  The barrel is from some Warhammer set...not sure on that one, maybe the plastic giant?  The other pieces are from Warmachine, I think they came in the Mercenaries Heavy Warjack kit.

Either way, they make great Objective Markers.

I swear, I heard someone peeing out here by the gunpowder...

Friday, July 3, 2020

The Brasslight Reclaimers

The Brasslight Reclaimers, an AD&D 2e campaign presented by Iron Seer.

In the city of Baldur's Gate, a determined and enterprising dwarf has incorporated an adventuring company.  Merryk Brasslight and his old chums set out with a few new hires.  He seeks the restoration of his family honor by hunting down and reclaiming a legacy of artifacts his clan once possessed.  Largely successful in their ventures, the company has become stable and established in the city.  Recently, after a mission goes terribly awry, the Brasslight Reclaimers begin to hire a new clutch of adventurers.  

Answering the call to possible fame and riches, the new party begins to arrive at the Brasslight Manor.

However, things become strange very quickly at the Manor.  The newcomers are increasingly suspicious of everything around them, and for good reason.  Now, they must negotiate the skulduggery of the cities of the Sword Coast as well as the serious bodily perils associated with 'dungeon work'.

Brasslight Reclaimers is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition campaign that uses the following rulebooks beyond the core manuals:  
  • Forgotten Realms Adventures
  • Warriors and Priests of the Realms
  • Wizards and Rogues of the Realms
  • Demihumans of the Realms
  • Tome of Magic
  • All 'Complete' Books (excepting the Complete Psionics Handbook and those specific to other settings; e.g. Gladiator / Sha'ir) 
  • The Arms & Equipment Guide.

Player Characters

  • Keatoris, CG Elven Mage
    • Apprenticed to the company's senior wizard Exkylos, Keatoris skill with bow and spell is already remarkable.
  • Frankie Kicks, Chaotic Good Human Amazon (Fighter)
    • Frankie is a no-nonsense tribal who cares mostly for her wardog, Guy.
  • Lamont Lamar Jackson, Chaotic Good Halfling Expert Treasure-Hunter (Thief)
    • As a child from Beggar's Nest in Neverwinter, he and his brother Billis were taken in by millionaire philanthropist Fil Drumondt.  He has left Neverwinter to seek his own fortune.
  • Blowme, Dwarf Berzerker (Fighter)
    • A taciturn dwarf from the northern mountains, he mostly just wants to fight people - and monsters.
  • Hay Seuss Christo, Chaotic Good Prophet (Cleric) of Selune
    • This cleric receives the prophecies of Selune through his pet billy goat.

Session Log

Previously (Late 2019-Early 2020):
  • Brasslight Manor
    1. The party is hired and begin to settle into their new life. They meet their colleagues, and run some interference for Brasslight down at the docks, e.g. they roll some guys trying to make off with a lawfully imported shipment of supplies.  Thanks to Keatoris' friend in the City Watch the incident is brushed over and no prosecution is imminent.  
    2. Strange things begin to occur in the Manor.  Suddenly, danger appears from nowhere as goblins infiltrate the manor, culminating with an exploration of the 'under construction' wings and a goblin skeet shoot.  The party finds a hidden passage to a forgotten dungeon...
    3. Within the winding staircase, it is revealed the Manor is much more than just an old house in Baldur's Gate.  Chasing the goblins, the party finds an old vault beneath the Manor and a fell enemy.  Using wretched sorcery beyond the players, the villain delivers a message to Merryk Brasslight from one Frengl Thundervow that boiled down to "got my money, chump?"  Within the vault, one of the mysterious artifacts Brasslight is hunting is found...and he brushes off all mention of Thundervow.
*Sessions will continue at some point in the future when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  More on this later.  Stay safe!  Wear your masks, because right now it's socially acceptable to be a ninja or gas-mask soldier in public.  Do your part!