Sunday, November 29, 2020

Desert Hills

Desert Hills

Well, I've been 'restoring' terrain.  You know.  Terrain that's ten to twenty years old.  It's nice to find objects in those bins that doesn't need to be fixed.

Desert Hills

Truth is I'm not very good at terrain making.  I never have been.  That's why I ended up with things like the following when I was younger...

Desert Hills

...and I just kinda keep 'em.

Desert Hills Assassinate the Ogre
Go to great lengths to get the perfect shot.

These hills were at one point green, having been made that way by a manufacturer.  I didn't like how the flocking was falling out of the glue on them, so I pulled all the flock off (very easy, btw) and gave 'em the Iron Seer hill treatment.

Desert Hills Firing Squad
Wait for the white silhouettes, then hose 'em.

Meaning I covered them in watered down PVA, spray painted them and gave them a basic flocking.  They've held up good for the last however many years...I'm going to say about a decade.  Looking at this small collection, I decided it didn't need anything but a better container.

Desert Hills Clan Elementals Flanked
Remember:  Hills may be bigger depending on the scale you set them at.

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