Friday, November 27, 2020

The Birthwell of Teyyaun

Iron Seer presents Planet Teyyaun

The Galactic Civil War, 3 BBY

Rebel scout companies have been hard at work finding new places to use as military installations across the galaxy.  In the Core, the work is clandestine and limited to very small scales.  The Outer Rim is where many contemporary Alliance bases are hidden, nestled amongst the obscure backwaters.  When major naval capabilities started to amass, many Alliance commanders had to move into deep space to keep those capabilities secret.

It took a great deal of time, but eventually some Alliance leaders decided that the threat of discovery by the Empire was too great to move naval assets into areas of the Core.  The Outer Rim became the only choice for such maneuvers, and even then, Imperial sweeps still had to be anticipated and avoided.  This latter problem prompted some Alliance commanders to look for places even further afield for safer mustering points.

Far on the Western Fringe of the Outer Rim, beyond all civilized systems, lies a section of space bordering the gulf of the Unknown Regions.  Known as Wild Space, this wispy slice of the galaxy is where exploration and colonization have begun - but not much is known of these reaches.  Not all systems here have been charted, and the ones that have been are few and far between.

It was in these desolate reaches that Alliance Rangers found Teyyaun.  Far from Imperial concerns and protected both by general obscurity and hidden under a massive magnetic stellar anomaly called the Birthwell, Teyyaun would be a proving ground for Alliance forces.  The only hurdle would be winning over the populace. 


"Settled" in 146 BBY by pirates and smugglers, the idyllic world of Teyyaun has developed in peace for almost that long.  At some point, the pirates and their families and hangers-on truly settled in permanently - they had made enough wealth from the galaxy at large to live comfortably on Teyyaun's main continent of Raus.  It is still largely unexplored, with the inhabitants keeping to what passes for 'major' urban developments.  

Since the rise of the Empire, folk of Teyyaun have taken even more precautions about drawing attention to their world.  Many have reprised the role of their ancestors and began raiding areas all around Teyyaun, in the Unknown Reaches as well as the Outer Rim, but still keep the location of their home a closely guarded secret.  The arrival of the Alliance is grossly alarming to the general populace of this world - but there is much uninhabited area on the surface.

The people of Teyyaun are mostly human and duro, but there are many peoples represented amongst the small populace.  They are organized into service guilds, some of which specialize in secretive off-world journeys to secure various supplies and materials from the wider galaxy.  Some of the 'neo-privateers' claim their gangs are also legitimate service guilds...and some folk accept this.

While greatly troubling to them, the arrival of the Alliance has signaled to some Guildmasters that the inevitable has come.  It would only be a matter of time before the Empire arrived at Teyyaun, and their way of life would be forever disrupted.  Many advocated for joining the Alliance outright, but the sentiment was not unanimous.  Some pressured for the forcible expulsion of Alliance forces, and received a swell of popular support.

In Teboraun, many Guildmasters supported the Alliance cause.  The inhabitants there were sympathetic, and neo-privateers offered up their vessels and manpower.  This base of support amongst the populace was the foothold the Alliance needed, and began to move equipment to new bases on the planet's surface and major moon.  From the orbitals at Uyyaun and major bases on the surface of Teyyaun they would be able to create an actual fleet from the ragtag group of ships they called Battlegroup Tarquinas.

Yet, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The people of Moban City saw the Alliance forces as an invasion, and accused the guilds that supported them of collaboration in a coup that would destroy Teyyaun's independence and isolation.  It also happened that many more of the neo-privateer guilds there were the rather rough sort who lacked real legitimacy but still had real blasters.

Fighting began almost immediately between the guilds and the Alliance.  The Alliance elected to reduce the conflict by moving to a remote section of the south polar zones.  It was here they made another astonishing discovery...

The ice-going mobile settlement of Arkfast treads the rents of the ice sheets where the continents of Kelenth and Uatu are pulling away from each other.  There, in the fast-fjords and ice-floes where the continents grind one another apart, a strange resource had been discovered - khyber.  It was said the Empire would be ruthless in their pursuit of this crystal, and this revelation steeled every side's resolve.

With agents in every settlement and the orbital platforms on Uyyaun, the Alliance prepares to do what it must as Battlegroup Tarquinas begins to arrive.  With the fate of the galaxy in question, the guilds of Teyyaun that insist on sabotaging the battle against the Empire cannot be allowed to continue offensive operations targeting Rebellion assets.  The Alliance Navy will convene at Teyyaun.  To that end, the neo-privateers must be pacified...

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