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Nether War: Shadowtop Cathedral

Dungeons & Dragons: The Nether War
Harpers live - and die - to keep the balance.
Nether Warriors!

The final battles are soon upon us.

Darkness will descend upon the Sword Coast if the dragon's plans are not stopped.  If they are allowed to consolidate power in this area of the world, they will find no shortage of recruits for their burgeoning armies.  Tribes of savage humanoids, Uthgardt and other marauders will swell the ranks of the Zhents and the Cult alike.

We are not alone!

The Harpers and Enclave have both gathered their finest troops to defend their Fortress.  We must stop them here, and strike at their heart before they overtake the Sword Coast.  Rally and go forth, brave defenders of freedom in the Realms! 

Tier 4 - Shadowtop Cathedral

Shadowtop Cathedral
Shadowtop Cathedral
The dark army has overpowered the forest's defenders and ploughed a trail to our Fortress.  We must assume treachery and fell sorcery to be at work.  The Emerald Enclave have invited the Harper's warriors to one of their most important meeting places, and the reinforcements have arrived none too soon...
  1. Scenario 1 - Shadowtop Canopy
    • D&D Attack Wing, 150 Legion Points
      • Setup: Standard.  No flying unit may attack any ground unit without landing, nor can they be attacked by ground units.
      • Objective: Destroy the Enemy Legion.
      • Resolution: When either player's last miniature is destroyed the battle is over.  The Evil player must have at least one Dragon on the board at the end of the game in order to claim victory.
  2. Scenario 2 - The Seer's Retreat
    • D&D Miniatures, 150 Point Skirmish
      • Misty Ruins
        • The Good player must spend at least 75 points to include an Emerald Enclave spellcaster and any number of beasts, animals or fey.
  3. Scenario 3 - The Emerald Grove
    • Standard D&D Attack Wing, 175 Legion Points
      • Setup:  Place an Objective Token in the center of the board.  Each player then places an Objective Token up to Range 1 of his own board edge.
      • Objective:  Control the most Objective Tokens at the end of the battle.  You Control an Objective Token if you are the only player with models within Range 1 of the Token.
      • Resolution:  The game ends at the end of any turn in which either player has incurred losses totaling 125 points or more.  Controlling your own Objective Token counts for 1 VP, the center token is worth 2 VP and your opponent's token is worth 3 VP.  The player with the highest VP count at the end of the game is the winner.
  4. Scenario 4 - The Gates of the Cathedral
    • D&D Miniatures, 200 Point Skirmish
      • Life Force
        • The Evil player must spend at least 40 points to include one or more Dragons.
  5. Scenario 5 - The Battle of Shadowtop Cathedral
    • D&D Attack Wing, 200 Legion Points
      • Setup: Standard.
      • Objective: Destroy the Enemy Legion.  
      • Resolution: When either player's last miniature is destroyed the battle is over.   The Evil player must have at least one Dragon on the table at the end of the game to claim victory.
When this base is cleared, the campaign is over and the Evil player has won!

Total Points Evil Victory Narratives
1 to 3 The Emerald Enclave and Harpers have been pushed out of their former territories, yet we are stretched thinly.
Soon, the Harpers will infiltrate our ranks, and the Enclave will seek vengeance, but we will be quite ready...
5 to 11 The Cult and the Zhentarim have managed to turn entire settlements over to our cause.
The Harper presence has been nearly eradicated, and the Enclave have no more strength to fight.
12-18 Much of the north has fallen sway to armies of Cultists and Zhentarim. A darkness descends upon the land...
The Morueme are pleased, and their foes are no threat for the time being.
19 to 26 The tide of terror unleashed by the Morueme is the stuff of legends.
Where no cult or Zhent banners rise, only plumes of smoke and fire mark once thriving settlements.
Now, new enemies will take the place of the old as they witness the horror in lands near their own.
27+ Such is the might of the emerging dragon kingdom that the borders of nations are redrawn.
The Morueme have become the undisputed rulers throughout these Realms, and rule by fear and terror alone.
The new darkness descending upon the land has no end in sight...

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