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A Century of Total Warfare

3145 - The Dark Age

The invasion of the Inner Sphere by the Clans began in the year 3049.  Nearly one hundred years have passed since then, during which time the galaxy has known no measure of peace.  The Age of War has passed, but there is no rejoicing among the stars.  We have passed into a Dark Age.

The Blackout continues, and shows no sign of abatement.  As time passes waiting for couriers on JumpShips, concerns have turned to the immediate.  For some worlds in the Lyran Alliance, that concern has turned toward and area of space known as The Falcon's Reach.

Jade Falcon Desant Army Badge
Clan Jade Falcon
2nd Falcon Dragoons
Vindemiatrix Army Badge
Clan Jade Falcon 
A most warlike clan, their new Khan has decided that the old practices of using batchall are no longer necessary when dealing with the Inner Sphere.  As a result, the most dangerous of the clans are even more dangerous in this new era.  The Khan has made it clear to her warriors that conquest is the order of the day.

Jade Falcon forces are poised to take advantage of the blackout at the edges of the Falcon's Reach.  The Khan is ready to order a new désant such as the one targeting Skye and the surrounding systems eleven years prior.  This time, a score of planets in Lyran territory are potential targets.  Under the cover of the Blackout, this could spell trouble for systems far from the Falcon's Reach.

The Khan finds this situation satisfactory, and begins to allow her commanders to begin their conquest of the Inner Sphere.  Star Colonel Ayaan Mandaka is more than ready when the call is given, and prepares to set out for the longest shot of the coming désant..

Stormhammers Defense Force Army Badge
Tharkan Strikers
Vindemiatrix Army Badge
The Stormhammers
The Lyran Alliance has seen better days.  With the advent of the Blackout, the already weakened Armed Forces have additional hurdles to cross to effectively defend the frontier.  As a result, the LAAF has resorted to hiring mercenaries to shore up gaps in their ability to garrison worlds - especially near the Falcon's Reach.

The Stormhammers are a unit of RAF defectors that have integrated with the Lyran Alliance.  One Stormhammer unit in particular is made up of planetary defense specialists, the Tharkan Strikers.  While other Stormhammer elements plot to retake Skye from Jade Falcon, the Tharkan Strikers are staging on Vindemiatrix to provide garrison and logistical support to the Stormhammer advance when the order is given.

Vindemiatrix's garrison, the 12th Lyran Guards, aid in collecting and processing resources for the assault.  Without the HPG's, much of this work has to be carried out in advance of the actual attack as each element awaits courier ships from LAAF command.  It promises to be grueling work...but the Lyrans are nothing if not industrious.

A New Désant

The Falcon's strike would come from Zebebelgenubi.  Taken by surprise by the arrival of Clan ships in Vindemiatrix's space, the defenders had little chance to fight off the fleet in orbit.  The ruthless Clan forces pushed ahead and began landing on the planet with little preamble or announcement.

For the defenders of Vindemiatrix, it is cold comfort that both the Tharkan Strikers and 12th Lyran Guards are present.  The Khan's mongol doctrine demands everything be destroyed, razed to the ground.  The Lyran defenders are quite aware of this fact, and quickly mobilize to defend the population centers.

The Falcon's forces that made planetfall are quite numerous, but have set up bases of operations in the sparsely populated Vindemiatrixian sulfur plains.  Unfortunately, that happens to be where a lot of heavy industrial facilities for extracting resources are positioned - resources the Lyrans need to secure.  The Falcons may well decide to destroy the facilities, if they learn how crucial they are to the Lyran plan to counter-attack and retake the Isle of Skye.

The Battle of Vindemiatrix has begun.

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Mayhem, Inc.

Edge of the Empire:  Mayhem, Inc.
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Episode VI

Having informed Jabba of Teemo’s disloyalty to the Hutt Clan, the crew finds themselves in the favor of the powerful crime lord (for the time being). 

Impressed with their ingenuity and questionable scruples, Jabba offers them a job in exchange for a ship for their personal use. The task is simple: clean up any evidence of Teemo’s dealings with the Empire.

- GameDoc

The group heads back to Ryloth for some legwork on their new ship, the Crippled Crab.  Once on Ryloth, the crew gets cracking investigating all the leads.  It didn't take long for them to find who they were looking for, an Lieutenant in charge of the Imperial garrison.

After some shuffling around, the group gets a chance to talk to the Imperial officer.  After being assured that the Hutts had effectively changed management and everyone can keep making credits doing what they've been doing, [Ryloth Officer] is happy to become Jabba's asset.  Likewise, Bib Fortuna is happy to hear of the turn of events and informs the Hutt that his influence has grown.  The group continues to follow the trail of Teemo's dealings and root out his agents for Jabba.

Episode VII

Under orders from Jabba, the crew continues with their investigation into Teemo’s dealings with the Empire and have discovered he used corrupt officials to bring Imperial forces down on enemies and competitors.

Aboard their newly acquired ship, the Crippled Crab, they now head back to Geonosis to try and flush out whomever was pulling strings for Teemo there...

- GameDoc

Once on Geonosis, the group runs into a bit of an issue with the Imperials.  Unlike on Ryloth, Lt. Bragden Levdu is not so eager to hear about the Hutt's change in management.  After a tense, standoffish meeting inside the facility, Levdu meets the group outside the compound and chastises them for their boldness.

Everything seems cleared up with the Lieutenant, and all is fine until a stormtrooper unit runs the group down.  Blasters ring out in the Geonosis night, and the troopers go down.  Interrogating the last trooper reveals that Lt. Levdu is the one that sent them...and Mayhem, Inc. vows revenge.

Episode VIII

Having identified the Imperial officer, Lieutenant Breglan Levdu, that was on the take from Teemo, the crew informs him that Jabba is now in charge and wants operations to continue as they were.

But Levdu seems to have other plans. After surviving an ambush by Stormtroopers in the streets of Knossa, the crew vows revenge on the corrupt officer. 

- GameDoc

Things become risky on Geonosis for Mayhem, Inc.  So, a ridiculous plan is concocted after consulting with Bib Fortuna on Tatooine to see how Jabba wants to proceed.  The Imperial's office won't protect him, it is decided.

If the group can't interrogate him satisfactorily, he is to be captured.  If he can't be captured, he is to be killed.  Deliberations lean toward picking him up and taking him back to Tatooine, but the ship is threatened in the hangar by Imperial authorities and the group has to race to get it out of the spaceport.

A pair of TIE fighters immediately gave chase, so a hasty and daring (insane) plan is concocted.  X turned the ship back toward the spaceport, and B3T-5Y manned the guns.  After Modo masked the ships signatures, he and Rokka ran to the hold where the speeders were stationed.  There, they prepared for a quick disembarkation over the city.

The TIE fighters managed to damage the ship, but both went down before the ship got back to the spaceport.  Holding the ship steady, B3T-5Y loosed a salvo with the ship's cannons directly at the offices the spaceport where Levdu was stationed.  Hopefully, he'd be dead in that blast, as that part of the building was destroyed entirely.

As the destruction occurred, Modo and Rokka stole out of the hold into the Geonosian city.  There, they would blend in with the populace and make sure Levdu was dead, or else plot to either capture or kill him.  At that point, X and B3T-5Y have to maneuver the ship out of the city.  A pair of TIE fighters begin to chase after them, but X knows that Geonosis is covered with tiny hills and valleys that will make it fairly easy to lose the Imperials.  The objective is clear - make the Imperials realize that this is still Hutt space, whether or not star destroyers hang in the sky above.