Sunday, November 25, 2018

Frostgrave Cemetery Graves

Frostgrave Cemetery
Welcome to the graveyard, we got snow and graves.
I had a bag full of old gravestones, so I decided to make a graveyard.  You know what they say.  When life gives you a bag of gravestones, make a graveyard.

Frostgrave Cemetery Materials
...wherein we totally ignore the lines we drew...
 So, I got my graves and with some foamcore and a small piece of scrap foam I set out to build a set for a cemetery.    I decided to use foamcore as it seemed to work nicely on the other pieces of terrain.  I knew what i was looking for...four smaller pieces and one larger one.

Frostgrave Cemetery Build
You're gonna need about 1" per body, Mister.
 One piece would have the larger grave, which is a Buzzy miniature from Reaper Bones.  It comes with a Mr. Bones figure as a pack.  It will be a pretty impressive tombstone for some unlucky sod...

Frostgrave Cemetery Build 2
All your stones in a row...
I cut a piece of foam to make a few small rises, for no good reason other than I thought it looked cool.  Once they were glued in place, I gave the whole base a good coat of acrylic brown.  After that, I decided to try a method I used on my daughter's tundra science project and put the snow down first.

Frostgrave Cemetery Graves
I know the names are sophomoric but I don't care.  I really couldn't help myself.
It had snowed here the day before and my yard looked like a sodden mess.  I wanted to try somethings with realistic water, and would use the snow to create bowls for icy puddles.  Using some flock, realistic water and some Winter Tufts from Army Painter I tried to get a blend that looked like the puddles in the melting snow, with some ice around the edges.

Frostgrave Cemetery Graves
That snow is turned to mush in the sun.
More precautions will be taken next time but it didn't look so different from the yard.  These took only a short time to make, and fill out a good portion of the board.  Gravestones can be claimed as cover by infantry, and if it's icy / muddy it also can be difficult terrain.

Frostgrave Cemetery Large Headstone
Alas, poor Buster...we hardly knew ye.
The set actually ends up providing a nice set of obstacles and cover.  The large one obscures line of sight in a most inconvenient way.  Together the whole set has a footprint of about 15-25% of the three foot board depending on how closely they are spaced.  The cemetery graves is the second section of the graveyard, the first one being the gates and the last one the mausoleum.  These graves will be the meat of that setup, and they look great on the board!

Frostgrave Cemetery Battle
As the Ghostmist falls on the tundra, rival warbands fight over the graves of those long dead.

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