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Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress [Part 3]

Howl of Oblivion by Iron Seer
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The party continues to explore the north section of the tomb.  A good portion of the outer walls are crumbling and make dangerous exploring, but our heroes avoid any trouble.  They take their time searching for traps, secret doors and where vandals smashed stonework decorations...

The party comes upon the central marker of the tomb, realizing that the ancient sorceress' name was A'ta Sevaaya...and the body wasn't buried at the marker and may not even still be in the complex.  This is a common way to deter grave robbers...but also are ancient runic spell-wards.  Walkul and Iris watched in horror as such a ward cursed Borz as they examined the central monument.

Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress - Blursed Dwarf

As the party explored east of the central monument, a foul smell began to waft down the unexplored corridors.  Anverth quickly recognized the nasty scent as kobold slop, and the party pushed into a small section of intersecting corridors.  Not long after they discovered the resting places of the little creatures, they were swarmed with the little monsters.  

Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress - Useless Crit on a Kobold
Critical Hit!

Khaine tries to block kobolds attacking from south corridor, but is hurt by flashing kobold blades and eventually pushed back toward the intersection.  At the same time, another group of tiny dog-men swarm appear from the north and attack Iris and Borz.  Iris was wounded and brought down by kobold knives, but Anverth and Kelil pushed into the kobold chambers and were able to get rid of the creatures swarming her.  Walkul takes a moment to heal her, and suggest the use of healing potions for the others.

Wounded but not out, the party resolves to continue forward...but a few of the kobolds managed to flee away down the winding corridors of the tomb complex.  The party can hear strange noises all around as they know the creatures have ran to tell their friends.  The advance brings the party back to the central stairs, but it's not until the barking of what sounds like a pack of dogs is heard coming from the southern chambers do they decide to retreat to the auto-yurts.

Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress - Part 3 XP Log
Encounter XP awarded so far for Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress [Part 1-3]

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