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Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition

*Last Updated 7/27/2018*

Welcome to Iron Seer's inaugural RPG campaign!  This is the "campaign" post and will periodically be updated.
Iron Seer: Storm King's Thunder


On the Sword Coast, betwixt Waterdeep and Daggerdale, there is a small forest called the Arden.  There, nestled along the river, is a town called Nightstone.  The ruler of Nightstone, Lady Nandar, has put a call forth to adventurers to aid with marauding goblins and entreat with hostile elves.  Our players, intrepid and bold, begin the game en route to Nightstone to meet with Lady Nandar and accept the assignments.  Mostly so they could eat.

Rulebooks & Addendums

The amount of material available for a D&D game is staggering.  We could never make a full list of everything that we'd allow in the game, so we're not going to try, but these resources will be invaluable in developing your characters.  This list contains references to material that has already been added to the campaign, and material that COULD be added to the campaign.  Feel free to go out there and dig up weird, cool stuff for your characters and pitch it to the Dungeon Master.  Chances are, I'll allow it and we'll link that material here.

  • Briar Silverleaf, Wood Elf Rogue
  • Nivesil, Lightfoot Halfling Dragon-blood Sorcerer
  • Berry Blessedhammer, Shield Dwarf Paladin of Gorm
  • Starman, Maztican Air Genasi Cleric of Eha
  • Softhands, Tiefling Barbarian
  • Ikki Popp, Maztican Air Genasi Stone Sorcerer
The miniature gallery for this adventuring party can be found here.

A post-mortem for the campaign can be found here.

Session Logs
  1. Part 1
    1. Nightstone
    2. Orc Attack
    3. Nandar Keep
    4. The Dripping Caves
    5. The Tower of Zephyros
  2. Part 2
    1. Triboar
    2. Attack on Triboar
  3. Part 3
    1. The Road to Yartar
    2. Yartar to Calling Horns
    3. Noannar's Hold to Everlund
  4. Part 4
    1. Silverymoon
    2. The Zymorven Axe
    3. Xantharl's Keep
    4. Eye of the All-Father
    5. Great Worm Cavern
    6. Return to the Eye of the All-Father
  5. Part 5
    1. Yakfolk Village
    2. Inside the Yakfolk Village
    3. Escape from Yakatraz
    4. The Mines of Ironslag
    5. Salamander on Duty
    6. Intruder Alert!
  6. Part 6
    1. Into the Maelstrom
    2. Court of the Storm Giants
  7. Part 7
    1. What to Do About Wooden Nickels
    2. Casino Night
    3. Eyes in the Sky
  8. Part 8
    1. Doom of the Desert

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