Sunday, September 3, 2017

Top 6 Model Scales for Junkers

With new duty comes new music, and also new models.
Inspirobot knows what it's like to be human.
This blog is my calculus.

Today I calculate on the model scales I'm involved with.  It's not out of hand.  It's not.  Nope.

So, there are a lot of different scales, and each one of them presents a different sort of game to the general, and a different sort of experience for the collector and hobbyist as well.  I would like to think at some point I'd have games in every era for every scale...and I'm pretty well on my way.

Not something that's going to be for every hobbyist but if I can interact meaningfully with all other hobbyists then I guess it contributes to...something.

The scales of war are thus:
  • 6mm; or ~1:285
  • 10mm; N-Scale; ~1:144-160
  • 15mm; ~1:100
  • 20mm; OO-Scale;  ~1:80
  • 25mm ?;  1:64
  • 28-32mm;  O-Scale;  ~1:54
I was going to list a few examples for games above, but that would be redundant with the resources page I'm planning.  Keep an eye out for that, I'll try to make it complete as possible.

A few quick points about naval combat:
  • Star Wars: X-Wing is 1:270
  • Star Wars: Armada is roughly 1:7000 but not all models are to scale.
  • Fighting Sail is 1:1200.
The sea and space are a little different, and you kinda need to make concessions on scale here, especially regarding the truly massive units like Star Destroyers.  Just go with it.  You'll be happier.

The smaller scales are generally used for battles that involve a lot more elements than the larger scales, naturally.  The larger scales can be used to depict battles of 100 models or so, but the table starts to get really crowded.  As we explore these games on this site, we're going to notice a lot of subtleties that creep out of the woodwork depending on what scale you're playing...and notice how some things just don't matter past a certain point.

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