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Top 10 Terrain Pieces for Building Frostgrave

Please try ridiculing my Frostgrave.  Thank you.
Inspirobot wants you to feel good about yourself.
Time to plan my Frostgrave Warzone!

Ok, so let's go over it.  It's a frozen city, but most folks will already have a frozen city.  I want to make it a little bit different, but still noticeably Frostgrave.  How to accomplish this?

What about...the outskirts of the city?  More tundra, less cobblestone?  Crumbling walls of the ancient ruins, yes...but the sparse and ancient stones of a thousand years ago - a thousand years of snow, ice and weather.

The game's scenarios all call for specific types of terrain, and even specific types of monsters.  I consider the 'Bestiary' to be part of the terrain collection, since they aren't in any warband.

Frostgrave 3x3
  1. Warzone Base Mat
    • First, we need a 3'x3' table.  This time, I'm going to try a mat from a company I've not tried yet, so we'll get the Tablewar Tundra mat.  It's made of mousepad material, so it should be quite interesting.
  2. Dungeon Features
    • Bookshelves will be coming from old Heroquest boxes.  You'll have to find these on Ebay.
    • I'll be using Reaper Pillars of Good and Pillars of Evil from Bones for the columns and statues.
  3. Walls & Ruins
    • Scratch-built from a box of hobby blocks a club member dropped on me one day.  Kinda basic but I'm going to see how it turns out.
  4. The Tower
    • The stand in here will be the tower from Dragons Don't Share.  Might not be 10" tall but I really don't think it matters.
  5. Low Ruins
    • Hobby blocks glued and weathered for smaller scatter terrain.  These won't have a base like the larger walls & ruins.
  6. Glyph Discs 
    • (4) 2" Round.  Not sure what to use on these yet, but if I can't find something ready made I'll be making them from foamcore and modelling clay.
  7. Stone Huts 
    • (6) Roofless Stone huts.  There are a lot of those hobby blocks left.  If I can't find something ready made, again I'll be making these from hobby blocks and foamcore.
  8. The Mausoleum
    • 6" Building...probably use Reaper's Graveyard set, and if that's not satisfactory we'll take a look around for resin or plastic pieces that fit the bill.
  9. The Well
    • I've got two pieces here I may use.  I've got a nice piece of foam that has a nice shape, but this would be a very large well (think of the one in the film 300).
    • I also found a cool well at Hobby Lobby.  Not sure which I will go with yet.
  10. The Bestiary
    • As well as these terrain pieces, I have calculated I'll need the following models to complete the Bestiary.
      • Bear [1]
      • Boar [1]
      • Frost Giant [1]
      • Ghoul [10]
      • Giant Rat [4]
      • Ice Spider [2]
      • Ice Toad [2]
      • Skeleton [2]
      • Skeleton, Armored [12]
      • Snow Leopard [1]
      • Snow Troll [2]
      • Vampire [1]
      • Werewolf [1]
      • White Gorilla [1]
      • Wild Dog [2]
      • Wolf [2]
      • Worm [1]
      • Wraith [1]
      • Zombie [10]
This is only from the first Frostgrave volume.  I didn't include constructs or demons because I'm not sure how that's going to pan out.  Depends on the warbands, I suppose.  Probably should have at least one of each type.  That's at least three demons and three constructs, in addition to the ones for Enchanters and Summoners.

I'll be visiting all this in posts coming up, and photos will be along as well.  I've got all the tundra basing gear I'll need, but I'll probably be grabbing some snow materials from Woodland Scenics and Vallejo.  Now with all that out of the way and the course mapped, it's time to move onto the next step - warbands!

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