Sunday, September 17, 2017

Top 8 Reasons the Enchanter is Best

A fire will forever be a girl, but it ain't a cigar.  You have to roll your own in Frostgrave.
Inspirobot wants you to acknowledge these truths.
The Enchanter is up first on my palette of wizard bands for Frostgrave, so I thought I'd take a minute and offer some thoughts on the Enchanter school.

In Frostgrave, each wizard type (of which there are ten) has a corresponding school of eight spells.  These aren't the only spells available to wizards, as all the other schools can be learned with varying levels of difficulty based on whether or not they are aligned with your school.

For the enchanter, those aligned schools are Witch, Sigilist and Elementalist.  The Chronomancer school is opposed, and the others are neutral.  With that in mind, let's take a look at the Enchanter spells...or the Top 8 Reasons the Enchanter is Best.

  1. Animate Construct
    • In my opinion, this is one of the best spells in the game.  These constructs can be used as warband members, unlike demons and most undead.  They stay with the warband until they are destroyed and you aren't limited to one per caster.  
  2. Control Construct
    • You can control enemy or NPC constructs, but only one at a time.  This doesn't interfere with your ability to control your own constructs.
  3. Embed Enchantment
    • Enchant Armor and Enchant Weapon spells can be made permanent.  Speaks for itself, really.
  4. Enchant Armor
    • Every little bit helps.
  5. Enchant Weapon
    • A little more complicated than Enchant Armor, I'd say make sure all the basic weapons in your warband are embedded before using this spell on single arrows.  Although that definitely has it's place.
  6. Grenade
    • The Enchanter's attack spell has a small Area of Effect with it.  The attack bonus is modest, but Grenade is also fairly reliable - especially after a few levels are spent on improving it.
  7. Strength
    • Another passive increase to Fight score (much like Enchant Weapon) this one is not permanent, nor is it cast on a weapon.  Another way to stack bonuses, and not unwelcome.
  8. Telekinesis
    • One of the best utility spells in the game, this is the preferred method of getting treasure out of difficult ruins, especially if they are on a higher level.  Trust me, it takes far less time.

Three of your beginning spells have to be from your own school.  For me, Animate Construct is absolutely vital, as will be seen when I reveal the warband.  However, Grenade and Telekinesis are probably more important than the other spells at first, giving me a weapon and a tool.

We'll be taking a closer look at other wizard spell lists as I get close to building that warband.  I've already got most of the models, but I'm trying to get them all painted and based at this point.  Frankly, this project will take a couple of years, but I'm in gear!

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