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Top 8 Reasons the Elementalist is Best

A juggler is basically just an unemployed pyrotechnician in Frostgrave.
Inspirobot knows what your hobbies are.
In my first vignette for Frostgrave, the Enchanter will take on the Elementalist for the treasures of the frozen city!  I've taken some time and assembled the warbands, begun on the terrain and patiently await new supplies to complete the projects.  Today we'll turn our eyes to the Elementalist spell list and see what makes this spellcaster the best!

Yes, I believe they are all best so get over it.

The Elementalist isn't as subtle as the Enchanter, and during my first campaign I found that they can be monstrous hand-to-hand combatants.  The havoc they can wreak isn't limited to hand-to-hand, but a flurry of Elementalist spells can really give you an edge over unprepared opponents.

The aligned schools of the Elementalist are Chronomancer, Enchanter, and Summoner.  The opposed list is Illusionist.  An interesting thing to note that though Enchanters are opposed to Chronomancers, the Elementalist draws a connection to both of those as aligned schools.

Top 8 Reasons the Elementalist is Best!
  1. Call Storm
    • A good reason not to rely on missile weapons from your soldiers.  Also a good reason not to worry about enemy missiles, if both your spellcasters Call Storm!
  2. Destructive Sphere
    • A good defensive maneuver for spellcasters, it's range makes it somewhat of a last ditch effort if you're surrounded and able to cast a spell.  Generally speaking, order to make use of the Area of Effect (3") you need to get at least two models with it.  However, since it hits friendlies as well remember to keep this in the bag until you need it.
  3. Elemental Ball
    • A powerful ranged area-of-effect spell, remember that 1.5" isn't very much.  However, the range is quite long, and with a few levels you can make this your go-to spell.
  4. Elemental Bolt
    • Against single targets, this is your best ranged attack spell bar-none.
  5. Elemental Hammer
    • This spell is dependent upon damaging your opponent in hand-to-hand, but the bonus is quite tasty and well worth it.  Depending on if you want to focus on ranged spells or hand-to-hand, consider this one as your main spell over Elemental Bolt.
  6. Elemental Shield
    • Every little bit helps, and this can mean the difference between life and death...especially if you cast it repeatedly as needed.  Together with Elemental Hammer this can make your spellcasters quite beastly if you've spent levels on their Fight score.
  7. Scatter Shot
    • While scatter shot is not as indiscriminate or powerful as Destructive Sphere, it has plenty of upshots.  The range is four times as much and it only targets enemy models, however, the attack bonus is +0.
  8. Wall
    • Your primo utility spell for controlling the flow of combat.  Get an enemy in the right spot with your Elementalists, and cut off their reinforcements!  Divert enemies away from treasure, or to your waiting soldiers!
Doff!  My Elementalist is a barbarian from the frozen north, so I can't decide if I want a fire or ice-themed warband yet.  To fit this spellcasters' savage disposition, my three initial spells will be Elemental Hammer, Elemenal Shield and Wall.  This will grant some pretty meaty combat spells, which I'll probably help along with a few from the Enchanter school (just to make his nemesis feel bad) such as Strength or Enchant Weapon!

Waiting on a box of Frostgrave Barbarians to fill out this warband with appropriately attired barbarians. Wouldn't want anyone to freeze to death before they are killed in a more spectacular fashion - even if that's just freezing to death at an incredible rate due to the spells in this list.

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