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Howl of Oblivion

Howl of Oblivion by Iron Seer
** Last Updated 07/23/21 **

Western Flanaess, 585 C.Y.

The Greyhawk Wars have raged across the lands known as the Flanaess for the past three years.  In the west, the wars largely passed the Baklunish people by.  However, no one will be spared from the repercussions of these titanic conflicts.

Around the rim of the Dramidj Ocean, things remain much the same as they were before the wars.  The exception is in Ket - the opportunistic ruler, Beygraf Zoltan, seized an opening and has subjugated the southern state of Bissel - after allying with Iuz the Evil One.  It is widely assumed (especially in the east) that he is searching for other "opportunities" in the near future.

The Baklunish West includes:
  • Tiger Nomads
  • Wolf Nomads
  • Ekbir
  • Tusmit
  • Zeif
  • Ket
  • Plains of the Paynims
  • Ull
  • The Dry Steppes (to the south of Ull)
The Tuflik-Blashikmund river is the natural border between these Baklunish states.  The Fler river serves as the border between the northern nomads, and flows through the Burneal Forest into the Land of Black Ice.

The Peace of Greyhawk

In the Free City of Greyhawk, the warring parties met when it became apparent that the wars could no longer be sustained.  After much discussion, a unifying treaty was signed that put a stop to the total war consuming the central nations of the Flanaess.  It will remain to be seen if all the belligerents hold to it.

Iuz the Old, dark lord of the Flanaess, has withdrawn his armies and a relative peace has settled over the land...though Dorakaa isn't that far from Eru Tovar.  While Iuz's attention was focused to the east, the Baklunish folk were content to ignore him.  Now, the attitude is much more cautious.

A Time to Adventure!

Though folk are wary and paranoid, it is a time of great opportunity for those willing to risk life, limb and sanity.  Adventurers and mercenaries during these times are likely to find work to be very lucrative and plentiful...if more dangerous than ever before.

To the east, the nations are ravaged by injustice and paranoia.  The land and its' folk have been depleted by war and sinister dealings of cowards and politicians.  Be warned, be wary.

Welcome to Greyhawk.  

Player Characters

Active Members

The Laughing Legion
  • Walkul Shieldheart, Neutral Good Human Cleric of Pelor
  • Borz Lockwarden, Neutral Good Dwarven Fighter/Thief
  • Iris, Neutral Good Elf Fighter
  • Khaine Son-of-Man, Human Thief
  • Anverth, Neutral Good Gnome Fighter/Illusionist

  • Vicros Swordhand, Chaotic Neutral Elven Thief
  • Ravynn, Neutral Good Elven Mage
  • Doctro, True Neutral Human Mage
  • Jaan Dhar, True Neutral Human Fighter
  • Keshik, True Neutral Human Druid
  • Kelil, Neutral Good Human Ranger

  • The Death Roll is empty.

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