Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rogue Stars Post-Game Sequence

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Howdy folks!

The Rogue Stars campaign has been interesting.  We've really been putting Rogue Stars through it's paces.  In that amount of time, some items cropped up we need to clarify for our campaign players.  Some of this is 'house-ruled' using the best resources we had at the time (which, in this case, includes the Facebook group where the author lurks) and perhaps some modifications for the way we play.
  1. The campaign is primarily team based.  Gains you make will apply to all your teammate's games as well.
  2. Experience earned by teams applies to the faction's overall score.  In other words, if the Imperial XP monitor is sitting at +48, and you elect to create a new team for a battle, you'll have 248 XP to spend.
  3. You do not have to play the pre-made teams.  You can use any Star Wars figure that's appropriate to your faction and stat them out before the battle.
  4. Medikits are 3 XP and function exactly how you think they do:  +2 to Medic rolls.
  5. Out of Action and survival at the end of the game doesn't really matter in the context of our campaigns.  You do not lose XP since you will not 'really' lose soldiers, and you can swap soldiers / figures at any time before a battle.
  6. Ambiguous hits automatically affect the torso.
I think that pretty much sets us for the remainder of this campaign, and probably a good many more unless we change the structure.  Any further questions should be asked right here on this post, and we'll be able to keep any disambiguation right here in one spot.  That's all for now, but you better keep those blaster packs warm.  Rebels, pirates and Imperialists are all marching and wreaking havoc and terror right outside your door...  

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