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Howl of Oblivion - The Bandit Plague [Part 3]

Howl of Oblivion by Iron Seer
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Hanasib Ibn-Xers joins the party at the next dawn along with Doctro, a traveling foreign mage living among the Tevarsi.  He is warned of dire consequences for any treachery he may be planning, but seems sincere in his desire to repent.  Hanasib tells the party about the trail at the base of Mt. Vesir, and the party sets out.

Fantasy Grounds - Walkul's Warning

The party loses the trail on the first day, but early the next morning they are quickly back on the right path.  The bandits are encamped much the same as before, and the party quickly ingratiates itself to the warband using Hanasib's connections.  Though Tep El-Bakir left early in the morning heading west for Yecha, they learn of this group's intent to rove near the nomad bands and attract more warriors, linking up with other small bands at predetermined points throughout the Tevarsi / Zyrjan lands. 

Fantasy Grounds - Diplomatic Approach

There are Tevarsi among the small number of brigands, but they are too drunk and stupid to realize the Amir's advisors aren't actually joining the revolution.  It isn't until late that night that things get tense when Tevarsi who AREN'T that drunk and stupid arrive and accuse the party of being lapdogs of the Amir, and enemy to those present.

Fantasy Grounds - Walkul's Jokes
Fantasy Grounds - Walkul's Jokes 2

The party diffuses the situation, but everything remains tense.  As more and more powerful warriors arrive, the warband's views on the player characters could take a quick turn for the worse.  The party waits until later the next night, stealing horses from the brigands and making a break for it...

...BUT, Doctro doesn't go with the plan, putting Khaine in danger as he doubled back to the encampment to 'rescue' the mage.  Dodging flying handaxes and whooshing sling bullets, Khaine is forced to withdraw when Doctro actively avoids his attempt at extrication.  The party is forced to leave Doctro with the warband, who quickly take him into custody.  Though he talked fast and managed to keep his head, his position is left precarious as the warband puts him under guard and prepare to take him to the next rendezvous to be handed over to another bandit leader - if he manages to keep his head that long...

Fantasy Grounds - Gnoll Attack
Fantasy Grounds - Gnoll Combat

Not far from the warband camp, the party notices strange humanoids standing near the rocks on the trail, but ignore them.  The following night, the party is headed towards Yecha and is attacked by monstrous gnolls who simply hiss the word "Tevarsi!" before attacking.  Killing two of the monsters and causing another to flee into the night, the party makes a shocking discovery...

Fantasy Grounds - Letters to Iuz

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