Sunday, October 18, 2020

HeroQuest Tombs, Sorcery and Alchemy

HeroQuest Alchemist's Benches
Shadow-Demon Binding 101 - Lesson 1:  Always Shadow-Bind in a well-lit area, especially with demons you don't know personally.

There's a few more gubbins left in the ol' HeroQuest casket.  Miss Anthropy painted up pretty much the whole set in a quick minute, and really did a good job on the weathering of the ancient stone and wood.  These look especially great on dungeon tiles, if you're not using them on the old HeroQuest board.

Which I do NOT have...buuuuut now there's a Kickstarter for a new set and I'm all in.

HeroQuest Tombs
"Yo, I'm check my pocket-watch - and it says it's time for you layabouts to get your sorry loafs to baking!  So, GET UP!  You're on the clock!"

Of course, the astute will be able to tell that this isn't just one set.  As I've said, I acquired these pieces later on down the line, my own copies (plural) of HeroQuest disappearing in trades over twenty or so years.  Thirty?  Ye gads - more like thirty.

HeroQuest Sorcerer's Table
Lesson 6 - Make sure your charms of binding are in the correct order for the type of plane your demon is being summoned from.  Incorrect seating of the "M" rune above certain other sets of runes can be interpreted as dire insults, for which any summoned demon might feel provoked.

Eh, that's what you get I suppose.  Nothing lasts forever, especially the tips on your HeroQuest Sorcerer's Table's candlesticks and Alchemist's Bench Scales.  Those snap right off at some point and they never even bother to tell you about it.  Rude.

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