Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pillars of Good and Evil

Reaper Pillars of Evil

Pillars of Good and Evil!

These are Bones models from one of the Kickstarters - honestly I'm not sure which, but you can grab them on the Reaper site.  I had only one of each, but we came across a Frostgrave scenario that requires six such statues.  So a quick order on the webcrawler got me the extra pieces I needed.

Reaper Pillars of Good

Like a lot of projects right now, we didn't have a lot of time to spend on this.  Miss Anthropy made short work of these when she found them on the paint bench.  A layer over the Bones material on each statue, followed by an inking and a highlighting with a lighter color.  Honestly I'm not even sure which paints she used, except that the "good" statues got a Turquoise Glaze that was twenty-plus years old.  I have a whole bottle still...and it worked great!  Naturally.

Good Job, 1990's Games Workshop!

Reaper Pillars of Good and Evil

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