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Star Wars Armada: Journey to Wild Space

The Rebels assembling near Roon would like to think they are ready to fight, but it is time to flee.

The Imperial Fleet has decided to devote resources to the fight around the Cloak of the Sith.  This bodes ill for the Rebels assembling there, so an exodus of the area has begun.  However, the Rebel fleet can ill afford a stand up fight at this point with an assembled Imperial fleet.  It is time to abandon the Cloak.

The plan is to move the Rebel fleet to a less conspicuous area somewhere in Wild Space.  In order to successfully accomplish this, the Rebels must contest Imperial Control in important strategic areas relevant to the movement of naval assets.  If a path can be safely navigated through Rebel controlled space, more of the fleet will be able to make it to the rendezvous point.

It's going to be tough...and there will be losses.  For the Rebellion, the other side of this trial will be only more fighting against an implacable enemy.  Yet hope lingers...and fosters courage still.

Journey to Wild Space is Iron Seer's 2018-19 campaign for Star Wars: Armada!

The fleets will battle over five nodes to generate a lockdown on each one.  Players must cultivate Projected Power if Imperial, or generate Resistance if Rebel.  When all the nodes are locked down, the campaign is over.

In addition, the fleets must marshal their resources in the form of Fleet Points.  Each fleet starts with 1200 Fleet Points, which may be spent on ships and upgrades to deploy during the battles.  At the end of each game there is Refit phase where Fleet Point adjustments are tallied for each fleet.

Battles are variable points totals, and players will bid an amount of fleet points to the scenario.  Typically this will be the maximum, but eventually players will want to conserve Fleet point in an effort to outmaneuver the enemy.  The player's bid becomes the point value of their fleet.

If a player feels they do not have enough Fleet Points to commit to the scenario, that fleet can make a concession of the game to the enemy.  This will allow the retreating fleet time to regroup, and the fleet will be awarded Fleet Points for doing so.

For each game, the Imperial player decides which node to fight over.  The players will randomly determine a scenario from the Journey to Wildspace scenarios list, below.  For each point of Projected Power or Resistance earned, that Fleet earns a Campaign bonus also chosen at random from the table below.  Play continues like this as players earn their respective objectives.

When a node has 5 points of either Projected Power or Resistance on it, it is locked and out of the game.  The battle there is over.  The campaign continues until each node is locked.  At the end of the campaign, the fleet with the most Projected Power or Resistance is the winner, with Fleet Points acting as tie-breaker.

The Nodes
  • Bothawui
    • Rebel assets in the polar bases are being removed and made ready for transport to the new base beyond the Unknown Regions.  The fleet's journey will begin here.
  • Ryloth
    • Some of the best Rebel troopers are marauders and gangsters, many of which hail from Ryloth and Roon.
  • Utapau
    • The largest of the Rebel fleet's ships have been waiting here for the smaller vessels to assemble, floating deep in-system.
  • Hoth
    • Both acquiring and delivering systems, weapons and munitions here, the Rebel fleet is careful to approach Hoth (and their new operating base) with discretion.  Much care was given to engaging Imperials in the nearby systems pre-emptively, deceiving them into believing the attacks were staged from another location entirely.
  • Jakku
    • The final jump-point for the fleet into Wild Space.  Failure to secure this node will mean a much rougher trip from another start point.

Journey to Wildspace Node Map
The rest of the galaxy is not represented, because we aren't concerned with that right now and I don't own the rights to this material.  So I had to make my own map, with node points and planet names.  Except it's not really a map, it's a starfield with some wild colors on it mean to represent Wild Space.  All trademarked names belong to Disney, k?  Whom I am NOT affiliated with, other than my having bought a game they licensed to Fantasy Flight Games.  I think I'll stop right here.

Journey to Wild Space Scenarios

If there are 3 or less points of Projected Power or Resistance on a node, determine the mission by rolling 1d6 on the following table.  If there are 4 points of either Projected Power or Resistance on a node, the scenario played is automatically Deathstroke.
  1. Battle Line
  2. Fleet Assault
  3. Patrol
  4. Escort
  5. Breakout
  6. Station Assault
Campaign Bonuses

For each point of Projected Power or Resistance earned, a fleet rolls 1d6 on the following table and obtains the corresponding bonus.
  1. Momentum
  2. Hyperspace Assault
  3. Fleet Command
  4. Fleet Points
  5. Initiative Bonus
  6. Fighter Deployment

Link to Bonuses.

Refit Phase
  1. Count up the total cost of all ships destroyed for each fleet.
  2. Each player gains Fleet Points equal to the points value of Enemy ships destroyed.
  3. Each player loses Fleet Points equal to the points value of own ships destroyed.
  4. A player who elects not to engage and concede Projected Power or Resistance to an opponent for a game gains 200 Fleet Points during Refit.  The winner of the concession gains none.

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