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When to Consider a New Edition

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I like new games, I like old games.  I like all kinds of games.  There are certain things I don't like about things, and I voice my opinion on.  I have even been known to ACT on my own rhetoric.  So when DO you consider getting a new game, new edition or starting a new project in general?

It takes a lot of time and effort to do an entire table, with armies, from the ground up.  That's how I do it.  Faster than ever these days, but still it requires a significant investment.  You may feel that investments' value waxes and wanes along with how often you get to game, how many folks are playing that game, and a lot of other 'meta' considerations.

One major consideration may be how far that game has pushed you along the Edition Grind.

One of my biggest issues with that is it creates shelf trash, but this is mitigated if there aren't a lot of loose pieces for each edition to look after.  Not only that, but after a handful of decades you can get a little resentful at how some things get treated over time.  It's hard to explain and I don't really want to (again).  Let's just say that I understand how some folk don't want to play some games.

Even so, lot of folks know I've (not so) secretly been hoarding Warhammer miniatures this entire time.  We're going to see more on the site, I've decided.  Soon.  Yet, I think it's fairly obvious I won't be playing any 8th Edition 40k.

Yet.  I recently accidentally acquired a rulebook for both 7th and 8th Edition.  We'll see how that goes.  If I accidentally accumulate enough I might play through a few games just because.

For myself, I have found that taking such a hiatus from a particular game and working on something else for a while is exactly the cure for those ills.  It's been something like five years since I played a game of Warhammer 40,000...or any other Games Workshop game.  Now, I'm not so attached to the 'zeitgeist' of GW...and am no longer affected by it because I don't actively participate in it.

Sometimes, all you need to do is step away for a while.  Maybe five years or something.  Then, sometimes, you can reapproach the hobby from an entirely new angle.  I've already skipped 2 editions of Warhammer 40,000 entirely.

...but what happens when you feel the need to crush your enemies?  To see them driven before you?  To hear the lamentations of their models?  It's easy, even if you're new to the area or primarily play something the locals have never heard of.

Look around your area for gaming stores and clubs that might be active.  When you find one, see what they are into.  Scout the area out as it may find that club to be your scene.  Then again, you may find that you don't fit into that community at all.  Don't despair, however...the guys at the game store or public club will only represent the surface of the community in your area.

Find out what games are being played at the local spot by the local bois.  If it's something you like, give it a go.  Show that you are willing to invest in the game and the community.  A proactive game group will really appreciate your enthusiasm.  If you can't find something you like, make yourself a presence there until something comes up that you actually ARE interested in.

In the games industry, there will always be new things coming up.  New games, new versions of games, etc.  Wait for the hype to build up around an upcoming game or new edition that the group is really into.  You can hit the ground floor running, and even if it isn't your favorite game it's still a fun experience with the group.

Don't feel pressured, though.  Don't feel bad if the hype passes you by.  You may find you are into some things, and not others, even though in principle maybe you should be into everything.

Whether or not you start a new game project should depend on a million factors, all of them entirely subjective.  Maybe X-Wing 2.0 is a bridge too far.  Maybe 9th Edition 40k will be your re-entry after your last edition, which happens to be 6th.  Maybe you're not into any of it anymore and want to play your old games.  Relax.

Oldhammer communities are burgeoning.

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