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Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition [Part 7]

Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition
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WARNING:  Spoilers ahead for Storm King's Thunder.

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7.1 What To Do About Wooden Nickels

The party rests in Triboar while attempting to collect information on the strange coin.  After some days in town asking everyone about everything and dropping generous coins to jog everyone's memory, the party was still no closer to figuring anything out.  It may have stayed that way if it wasn't for Softhand's inkling that the coin may indeed just be a token.  A gambling token.

The party hires some mercenarios to fly the ship, Larry and his three brothers named Daryl.  They prove somewhat competent, if also a bit...strange.  Not too uncommon in Faerun, really.

The party arrives in Yartar and after some discussion with the Hand, they learn where the wooden gambling token came from.  There is a gambling hall called the Golden Goose, aboard a riverboat owned by one Lord Drylund, who is campaigning for Waterbaron of Yartar.  Once they found the ship at the docks, getting on board was as easy as dressing foppishly, talking fast and flashing cash.

Once on board, the party takes some time to get familiar with their surroundings, even spending time with Lord Drylund in his office where he made overtures to secure funding for his campaign for Waterbaron.  After casing the place, no clear threat is present.  The party eventually decides to gamble, and makes their way back to the main hall.

7.2 Casino Night

After a while gambling and carousing, the group is getting restless.

The evening on the Grand Dame winds on, and Starman performs a rendition of The Death of Harshnag that is very moving - perhaps the finest rendition ever.  It captivates most of the patrons, and even draws Lord Drylund from his chambers.  Drylund asks Starman back to his office, and begins to try to lure Starman into a performance contract on the riverboat.  The rest of the group follows, unsure of what is about to happen.

Yet before Drylund can get very far, Starman lays it all on him - who they are, and what they learned since the Eye of the All-Father.  Drylund, for his part, spills the beans pretty easily.  The party doesn't even really have to flex hard and he starts talking about his membership in the Kraken Society.

It appears this organization is behind Hekaton's disappearance.  As soon as they learn the name 'Slarkrethel', Drylund's eyes bulge and his whole body strains...then he dies.  However, Starman brings him back immediately with Eha's divine magic.  Drylund and Starman lock eyes for a moment in wonder and awe, then Drylund dies in the exact same manner as before.

Softhands, believing Drylund's octopus to be the culprit, grabbed ahold of it and earned a bite for his troubles.  The octopus was obliterated by hellfire shortly thereafter. Starman again revived the dead Lord Drylund, who declared he had had enough and begins to talk more earnestly.

The party now knows where the ship carrying Hekaton, the Morkoth, sails and have a rough estimate of it's course.

7.3 Eyes in the Sky

The party embarks on their airship and sets course for the supposed area the Morkoth can be found.  After several days sailing over the sea, the target is finally sighted.  The party maneuvers the airship above the Morkoth, far above them and out of range of the ballista.

After a few hours tailing the Morkoth, Ikki Popp polymorphs into a seagull and flies down to inspect the ship.  Ikki discovers Hekaton in the hold, bound in chains and evidently in some sort of trance.  The gull gets some strange looks, but it's not until the first mate sees the bird that the crew realizes that gull came from the airship.

At that point, a wizard rises from the ship, flying through the air with magic.  He watches the airship approach him, and casts a spell.  The airship lurched as it hit an invisible wall of force, and began to spin out of control as the Morkoth's ballistae began to fire.  Briar dispenses some pixie dust, and she, Berry and Softhands float to the deck of the Morkoth rather haphazardly.  Ikki shapeshifts into a dragon, and Starman climbs atop him to swoop down to the ship to aid their allies.

The fight on the ship is brief.  One of the crew stabs the hapless enemy wizard, and the enemy crew is swiftly dealt with.  Once the ship is quiet, the party scans the horizon and sees the airship in the water, retrieving the luckless Daryl from the drink and preparing to take flight again.

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