Sunday, September 9, 2018

Journey to Wildspace Campaign Material

Journey to Wildspace is now go!

If we all work together, we can make creatures on other planets go to prison.
Inspirobot is our Counsel for Interplanetary Action.
What follows is specific information on Scenarios and Campaign Bonuses for our Armada campaign.  All Journey to Wild Space scenarios utilize the Complete Setup procedure in the main Armada rulebook.  However, there are a few twists to each specific scenario.  In addition, all these scenarios will have a variable Fleet Point range.  Players must adhere to the maximum Fleet Size unless they are unable, at which point they can field a smaller fleet or concede and head to Refit.

If at any point a Fleet decides to "jump to lightspeed" i.e. concede DURING a game, that player loses the game regardless of current Victory Points / Fleet Points.


Maximum Fleet Points: 200 + (1d6x50) (250-500 Fleet Points)

Battle Line

Complete Setup as in the main Armada book.

Fleet Assault

Complete Setup as in the main Armada book, except that players deploy in corners, up to half the table edge in each direction.


Players may only deploy one ship on the board at the beginning of the game, and 1 to 3 fighter squadrons.  Players deploy in corners, up to half the table edge in each direction.  At the end of every turn, players may place a new ship from their fleet touching one of their board edge sections and up to three fighter squadrons at Range 1 from that ship.  The ship will act normally from then on.


The Second Player designates one ship as their VIP.  If that ship exits the board on the opponent's board edge, the Second Player gets the cost of that ship added to his score at the end of the game.


Complete Setup as in the main Armada book except there is no turn limit.

Campaign Bonuses

With the exception of the Fleet Points bonus, these are retained and can be spent at the beginning of any game, before setup is started.  One of each bonus can be spent on a single game, giving you all available bonuses in one game.


Your maximum allowable Fleet Points increase by 20% for the next game.

Hyperspace Assault

Deploy all your ships after your opponent has placed his entire force.  If both players declare Hyperspace Assault, they are both spent and there is no effect.

Fleet Command

Once this game, at the beginning of any turn, you can use your Fleet Command to assign any Command Token to all your ships.  All ships receive the same Command.

Fleet Points

This bonus is not retained to be spent, but takes effect immediately.  Gain 1d6 x 100 Fleet Points.

Fighter Deployment

Once this game, you may activate all your fighter squadrons without having to use a Squadron Command.

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