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An Overview of the Baklunish Pantheon

If we all Work Together, we can Make Ancient Deities Return with a Vengeance.
Inspirobot knows that the most important gods are the ones everyone else is worshipping.
Hello, dungeon friends!  Today, an overview and quick reference guide to the Baklunish pantheon for explorers in the West.  These are 'major' cults of note that are unique to the heritage of the western Flanaess. 

It should be noted that these are not the only cults that will show up, as other deities and cults from the Flanaess are shared throughout.  That said, it can be observed that the Baklunish do not readily take on foreign cults.  This probably stems from their cultural distinctions and how they view their own pantheon.

The Baklunish folk of the West are a separate people from the folk of the rest of the Flanaess.  They have many practices that might cause foreigners to balk.  Their society is ancient, and their culture has had many centuries to develop.

The universe to these people is a constant clashing of opposed forces.  In life, one can either ally themselves with such forces or seek peace and attempt to be totally apart from the world.  The world is one of dualities, and each has their conflict.  This is reflected even in their practice of magic, which is rooted in arcane principles and manipulation of fundamental forces.  The elements are seen as the domain of genies, and to seek allegiance with such is to seek conflict.

And so it goes that their gods tend to be impersonal, representing clashing forces.  They are more akin to ideas rather than personified characters.   These more powerful beings do have dedicated worshippers and temples, but they are not always so prevalent in people's lives.

Rather, the Prophets of the Baklunish people have a more direct role in day to day life.  These mortal champions each achieved a divine wisdom, and now provide and direct a path to divinity for others to follow.  The Prophets are powerful demigods and hero-deities, subservient to the more powerful gods but more prevalent in the culture of the West.

The Baklunish Deities
  • Istus
    • The primary and most powerful deity of the Baklunish West.
  • Geshtai
    • Daughter of Istus, Protector of Waters.  Represents conservation and fertility. Opposes Sevelkhar.
  • Sevelkhar
    • Son of Istus, Bringer of Waste.  Represents drought and loss.  Opposes Geshtai.
  • Al-Zarad
    • Alias of Boccob the Uncaring.  Represents understanding and planning.  Opposes Ralishaz.
  • Ralishaz
    • Master of Misfortune and Chaos.  Represents bad luck and all things F.U.B.A.R.  Opposes Al-Zarad.
  • Al-Asran
    • Alias of Pelor the Sun-Father.  Represents life and light.  Opposes Tharoth.
  • Tharoth the Reaper
    • Alias of the Death God Nerull.  Represents darkness and death.  Opposes Al-Asran.
The Baklunish Prophets
  • Al'Akbar
    • How to be the best lawful good cleric or paladin.
    • The Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar are powerful and famous artifacts.
  • Azor'alq
    • How to be the best lawful good warrior. 
    • Dwells on the Prime Material Plane at the Pinnacles of Azor'alq.
  • Daoud
    • How to best maintain humility and also get with the understanding.
  • Mouqol
    • How to be the best merchant and trade the best goods.
  • Xan Yae
    • How to be the best rogue, ninja or psychic.
    • Dwells in the ACTUAL Tower of Iron Will.
  • Zuoken
    • How to be the best kung-fu monk.
    • Disappeared? (As of 505 C.Y. / 3165 hegira)

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