Friday, April 30, 2021

To the Moon! [Finale]

The following is from GameDoc's session summary posted in our private social media.  Traveller has been super fun, and I have to say that Dr. Mondocane (if that is his real name!) has been one of my favorite characters of all time to play.  This was a fun adventure with a great group and I (for one) am looking forward to his future Travels through space...

The crew descend to the lowest level of the facility and discover the command center, manned by a new version of the cyber-organic Essersy creatures, these with low-grade telekinetic abilities. 

Mongoose Traveller on Fantasy Grounds

Some alien by Mongoose Publishing

Sally May is seriously injured in the firefight, but the crew emerges victorious. Klaes is able to restore the manual flight controls for the Esseray transport so that the human prisoners can reruns to Tinath. The other sabotage the drone fighter craft being assembled at the facility before boarding the Kingfisher and departing the moon.

Mongoose Traveller on Fantasy Grounds - What a MedKit do?

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