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The Edge of Wild Space

Iron Seer presents The Edge of Wild Space
An introductory campaign for Star Wars: Armada.

Increased Anti-Imperial Activity in the Outer Rim

All along the outskirts of the Empire, unrest has begun to boil over.  Some worlds openly defy Imperial edict and rule, and are subjugated once again through force of arms.  However, sympathy for the Alliance to Restore the Republic has grown a great deal in the recent cycles.  The amount of equipment and support the Rebellion has garnered has surprised Imperial authorities when they began to suspect the extent of the rebel fleet scattered (for now) across the galaxy.

Imperial Sector Fleet Naugrelas was created to combat this threat.  Consisting of only a few small destroyers and their accompanying support craft, many captains in Naugrelas saw battle against the Alliance fleets on the other side of the galaxy.  The fleet's new commander's directive is to chase suspected rebel ships in the Outer Rim Naugrelas sector, and has already been alerted to the Alliance 'navy' in the area.  The Sector Fleet has already chased one such small fleet as it gathered ships across the Outer Rim, before finally losing them in Wild Space.

Wild Space is the frontier of the settled galaxy.  There is little law, outside of what power the Empire can project.  Sector Fleet Naugrelas is one such projection of that power.  The Fleet's admiral has already dispatched assault carriers and patrol craft to Kajj and is consolidating power at an orbital dock at Dekora.  Now, the fleet sets about searching the settlements and planets at the edge of Wild Space near the Unknown Regions for the rebel fleet they know is nearby.

The problem for Sector Fleet Naugrelas now becomes space itself.

The Unknown Regions are a dangerous area for starships, in the best of circumstances.  Light years of desolate, uncharted expanses stretch betwixt the stellar phenomena the area is known for.  Explorer teams have for thousands of years slowly plodded from one zone to another, methodically charting courses in, through and around stellar nebulae, black holes, and even stranger phenomena not seen elsewhere in the galaxy.

The Birthwell Navigation
Pirate Star-Map belonging to so-called "Neo-Privateers".

The Birthwell is one such area.

Sector Fleet Naugrelas suspects the area is being utilized by pirate and rebel factions to stage attacks against Imperial trade or military goods.  The uncertain routes, along with the untrustworthiness of the phenomena, contribute to the hesitancy of the Imperial military to exert much force here.  Recently this has begun to change however, as Imperial patrols have now followed pirates INTO the nebulae surrounding area and identified nav points.  

In addition, overt rebel activity has increased near Yem'da, on the edge of the nebular vortex.  It seems fleet-level action is inevitable, and the Empire has sent several Victory-class destroyers to root out the pirates and engage any rebels they may find.  The threat of the black holes and nebular storms is great, but the glory to be won is greater.

Campaign Rules

The Edge of Wild Space is an introductory campaign for Star Wars: Armada.  The campaign will simply be a team league consisting of nine standard games.  The linear structure here will allow all players the chance to focus on the standard game and the rules for a while.  During the course of this event, players will discover their favorite ships and develop their own fleet tactics.

In this campaign, there are two factions:  Imperial Sector Fleet Naugrelas and Alliance Battlegroup Tarquinas.  Players who insist on calling themselves "scum", "neo-privateers" or "pirates" will be considered rebel alliance for purposes of this campaign and have access to all rebel assets. At the end of the campaign, the team with the highest win rate is declared the winner, and the ongoing narrative will use the statistics from the campaign to adjust the setting for the next wave of campaigns.

Imperial Sector Fleet Naugrelas will attempt to identify and engage hostiles at the rim of the Birthwell, particularly Yem'da and the nav-points from there to Kajj.

Alliance Battlegroup Tarquinas is to deter Imperial interdictions at all points of ingress to the Birthwell space, particularly the secret routes to Teyyaun.

Ongoing and Results

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