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Into the Woods

Mythic World of Urd
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Before this session, we were all shocked to learn of the passing of a fellow adventurer.  The loss of a fellow player definitely leaves a hole at the table, and we'll all miss their voice and contributions - but I'll let those who knew him best speak.  The following is from GameDoc's session notes in our private social media.  You can also listen to the session recap here on the Arcane Alienist Podcast.

A few of you already know that we lost one of our own this week. Eric passed away early Thursday morning. He has played with Dan and I for around 15 years. He was a good player and a good friend. We will miss him. We considered not playing tonight, but then decided to go ahead and get together, share some memories, and play in his honor. We also decided his character, Gormer the Cleric, will live on as an NPC the party can call on for help when needed.

Into the Woods

The party awakens form their campsite in the Canopies to find a peregrine falcon perched on a nearby post. It screeched at them and taps its talons until approached. Attached to one leg is a message tube and a bundle of three small glass vials. The message is for Celestina.

“This is my familiar. She will return to the castle once she has delivered this message. Bring me three vials of goblin blood and you will be admitted to my tower. — Olivier”

With that, they gather their things and set out for the foresters’ camp. At the entryway to the Canopies they are created by Jessup, who asks about their destination and purpose. It’s clear he wants to join them again, but is too nervous to ask. Khaine agrees to hire him to help tend the pack animals and perhaps help out as an archer in the occasional fight if needed. Jessup agrees and the party gains its first retainer.

Into the Woods (The Forester's Map)

Not long after entering the forest, the party encounters a giant, 12-foot long tuatara lizard. They are able to react first and attack. The beast proves deadlier than anticipated and everyone but Celestine and Roderick wind up with wounds. Harald and Urgash are wounded to the point of collapse, requiring that both clerics expend their healing spells for the day. Dolly lands several solid blows with her axe and the tuatara is driven off The party limps back to the Canopies to recover. Harland swears eternal enmity against giant lizards.

Having taken an interest in the wizard’s familiar, Roderick inquires at the castle about any means of learning falconry. He is informed that he might be able to get some tips form the castellan or another of his retinue since they are nobles. 

Celestina returns to the wizard’s tower, hoping to at least learn why Olivier wants goblin blood, but having only empty vials, she is again denied entrance. However she does at least get to talk briefly with the wizard’s apprentice, Natan, who guesses that the blood might be a useful component in some sort of spell or magical procedure.

After resting for two days, the party sets out again and is able to make it to the foresters camp. There they discover a group of goblins - led by a hobgoblin- forcing captured foresters to burn charcoal. The party spreads out and ambushes the goblins from three different directions. Celestina notes that Jessup practically disappears when he hits the shadows of the trees - clearly there’s more to their new retainer than he lets on.

The goblins exchange arrow fire with the party as they begin closing in. Harald tries to hit the hobgoblin, but missed each time. Urgash makes it to the edge of the encampment and the hobgoblin charges forward to engage him in single combat. His bluster is soon gone after one sword blow from Urgash. Harald is incensed that his chosen target chose to engage with another warrior.

Into the Woods (Forester's Camp)

Celestina takes an arrow that nearly kills her outright, but manages to get in range to cast a spell. A second goblin arrow narrowly misses her and she is able to cast her sleep spell, dropping all the goblins and the hobgoblin. The rest of the party perform coup-de-gras on the sleeping enemies and Celestina collects three vials of blood.

The rescued foresters explain that they were kidnapped in a nighttime raid by the goblins and taken to a cave somewhere to the northeast. They were then brought back to the camp daily to make charcoal and cart it back to the caves. They were blindfolded in their walk to and from the caves so they can provide no specific to to its distance or location. The party escorts them safely to the canopies to be reunited with the other foresters.

After tending to their wounds and resting, the party returns to the wizard’s tower and is admitted. Natan is surprised to see others besides Celestina but is unable to stop the rest of the group from bargain in once the door is open. They group finds themselves in the foyer of the tower.

An older man in robes descends the stairs and introduces himself as Olivier. He is somewhat perturbed to see an entire party of adventures present, but let’s it slide. He takes the vials and explains that he wants to understand the troll magic that makes goblins keep goring and changing over their lifespan. He hopes the blood will help in his research. Retrieving the blood was also a test of sorts for Celestina. She seems worthy and he agrees to teach a new spell when she is ready to learn one. Furthermore, is she continues to prover herslef he will proved a letter of recommendation for membership to his own arcane lodge. 

Olivier tells the party he will relay their deeds to the castellan. He also tells the party that if they discover artifacts or magic items in their endeavors he would be happy to inspect them and potentially trade or barter for anything of interest. Roderick presents the horn he retrieved from the demonic serpent in the Old One’s lair. Olivier inspects it and tells him it might be ground down for uses in any number of spells but it could also be fashioned into an item that can detect the presence of Chaos. He returns the horn and offers to do some research on the matter and if he can find anything useful, he will call on Roderick to discuss what type of bargain they can make.

The party decides that their next move is to try and locate the goblin caves. Harald wants a chance to challenge a hobgoblin in combat and kill as many tuataras as he can find along the way.

The Hatred of the Tuatara - Harald's Vow
"...and Harald did vow revenge upon the beasts of the forests, far and wide."

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