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Shrouded Masjid of the Witch Goddess

Iron Seer presents Howl of Oblivion
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Unsettling Portent

A night of fitful rest leaves the spellcasters in the party drained and off-kilter the next morning.  Dreadful visions plague everyone, but leaves magicians and clerics unable to memorize spells for an entire day.  The party ignores this and continues on as normal.

Shrouded Masjid of the Witch Goddess

The Funerary Temple

A little investigation turns up that this cult is based in the Funerary Temple of the Royal Graveyard in Yecha.  Borz and Khaine poke around a bit, and discover that it's a mostly public place.  Astonished, they continue to investigate until the learn the habits of the priests and guards there.

It seems it's a sanctified place to prepare the dead for burial, entombment or mummification depending on the faith.  Though it is tended by the clergy of Istus, all are welcome to use the temple.  When they learn this, they return to the Traveler's Inn for the rest of the party.

When the party next arrives at the Funerary Temple, they are asked only to wait until the priests of Istus finish their preparations for tomorrow's interments.  The temple is then cleared, and the party simply enters the temple preparation area.

Fane of the Red Witch

A half glimpse of a hatch closing leads to an investigation of the walls.  Borz is unable to find a hatch where he saw one, even with his stonecunning.  Khaine likewise couldn't detect a latch or spring, but Anverth recognized the enchantment immediately.  Following his guidance, the thieves were able to see past the illusion and simply push the hatch open.

Inside was a long, narrow hatch with a ladder that took considerable time and effort to descend.  Inside was a wizard in red, with a glass orb in the shape of an eye.  Behind him was a doorway blocked by a glowing rune.  Borz, the first one down, announced that he came in the name of Dumathoin, which provoked an attack by the wizard's giant glass eye.  It shot a gleaming magenta beam, but it didn't affect Borz, who began to engage with the staff-wielding fanatic.

A few moments later, the party finishes the descent.  Khaine and Iris are paralyzed by the glowing orb, but the rest of the party finish the wizard and his glass eye.  When it's cracked and destroyed, the glowing rune blocking the door flexes and dissipates.

Going through the portal takes a full-body dive, and once Borz is through to the other side he runs face to face with another acolyte of the Witch Goddess.  Mayhem ensues throughout the complex, with three more cultists meeting their fate as the party chases them throughout the complex.

A great fire that had been lit in the center of the complex suddenly extinguishes, and the far door opens.  The High Priestess Obertorop and her guardian, Rodeg the Revenant, enter the room and announce themselves.  She is impressed with the tenacity of the adventurers and demands to know why they are here.

When the party explains they are here for the Staff of Oroch-Vaan, she calmly states that the staff is not going anywhere due to it's relevance to the cult of Wee Jas.  However, she could offer an alternative treasure to them instead, if they agree to do her bidding and enter the tomb beneath the fane.  She explains that there is a portal to Limbo beneath, in the Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan.  If it is not closed, it could have disastrous consequences after the omens the night before. 

The High Priestess explains that she has lost control over the automatons that roam the lower tomb.  The party would enter the tomb, proceed to the riftwell and close it after offering a prayer to Wee Jas.  The party says they will consider it, and move into the entry chamber to discuss things.  It's about then that they realize the mystic seal is back, and they cannot leave.

Shrouded Masjid on Fantasy Grounds

Jasidan guards begin to file into the fane from behind the revenant.  As the players debate, they gather the dead Jasidans slain by the party and bring them to the High Priestess.  Obertorop then begins to raise them. 

Obertorop states their reward will be anything they can carry back from the tomb, what they have already taken from the fane, forgiveness for their transgressions - and their freedom.  The party agrees to help the High Priestess.  She bids them take their rest in the barracks in the masjid, and later they will be escorted to the tomb.  

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