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Nemesis Nihilum: A Warhammer 40,000 Campaign Setting

Nemesis Nihilum: A Warhammer 40,000 Campaign Setting
Perfidium Roil

For nearly a half millennium, the Nemesis Sector has been engulfed by a powerful and ongoing warp storm known as The Perfidium Roil.  Born just after the turn of the 41st millennium, the small but powerful warp storm gradually grew until it swallowed three subsectors whole by roughly four centuries after it first arrived.  This was a great tragedy for the wider Imperium as all assets within the subsectors of Qualcrys, Kogendor and Vodom were marked as lost.  The Administratum, however, must trundle along.

However, within the Roil, the structure and power of the Imperium persists against all odds.

By some holy provenance, the people of the Nemesis Sector have been spared from the fates most suffer when swallowed whole by the warp.  Indeed, though the warp may have taken a large swath of space, it has been unable to fully digest any of it.  The Prophets of Revivum claim that Saint Locuria shielded the worlds of the Roil for their piety and devotion.  In either case, the space within the Roil seemed only a little more dangerous than outside.

At first, it seemed that the storm had merely blocked access to the wider Imperium, and even blocked the light of the Astronomican almost entirely.  However, the shrine world of Revivum seemed to shine for every world within the Roil - for at the Saint's Rest the Locurian Choir chanted invocations of faith around the clock, reaching out and lighting the way for the navigators of the Imperium's ships.  Though they could not escape, they could reach out to the other worlds taken by the Roil.

After the initial sector-wide panic, the Inquisitors of the Nemesis Conclave soon convened and decided they would consolidate their power at the massive battle-station Praesidium Nihilus.  From here, they would direct the Imperium within the Roil and hold out until the Perfidium Roil eventually passed.  For the most part, they have succeeded.

Many Inquisitors of the Nemesis Conclave would come to agree with the Ministorum on Saint Locuria's protection. The Conclave has monitored the space within the Roil for centuries now, and have spotted several abnormalities that the Perfidium Roil exhibits when compared to other known warp storms.  These abnormalities are accepted and even utilized by the Imperium within the Roil.  

Firstly, the 'wall' of the Roil does open to the outer Imperium, but does so very seldom.  Even if it does, ships attempting to negotiate the Wall of the Roil are almost always lost to the warp.  Another alarming quality is that the wall of the Roil seemed to be closing in on the worlds of the sector from the very beginning, and soon tendrils of the Roil would block access between worlds on a semi-random basis.  Charting and monitoring these tendrils quickly became paramount importance within the Roil.

Even so, every so often ships from outside the Roil would be deposited within.  The forces of chaos would come from within the warp, but also every sort of xenos thrown off course within the tides of the Empyrean could find themselves in the Roil.  Even less often, Imperial ships would translate into realspace within the Roil.  It is in this way news from the outer Imperium is brought to Nemesis.

Cicatrix Maledictum                                                  

When the Cicatrix Maledictum ripped across Ultima Segmentum, it was a dire omen for the Perfidium Roils' Imperial strongholds.  Already pressured from every side as the Roil constantly hurled the forces of chaos against them, the arrival of the Great Rift was foreseen by every mystic within the Roil, just as it was across the Imperium.  The walls of the Roil closed in on every world, and just like everywhere in the Imperium the worlds of Nemesis were left alone against the dark.

...but they were already prepared for times such as these.

The Inquisitors of the Nemesis Conclave were able to piece much together prior to the coming of the Great Rift.  For inside the Rift, time flowed normally, but the Perfidium Roil soon earned it's name.  The Inquisitors quickly lost track of time, as their chronometers were always wildly off from any chronometers found on vessels translating from beyond the walls of the Roil.  Through auguries and divinations, along with brief contacts through astropathic ducts reaching through the wall when the Astronomican would shine through, the Inquisitors made a startling discovery.

The Perfidium Roil seemed to move what was within it both forward and backward through time seemingly randomly, relative to the larger Imperium.  They were able to predict the coming of the Rift, and though they were already cut off from the Astronomican they made preparations to endure the coming tribulations.

Noctis Aeterna

The Long Night has come...but there is a light in the darkness.  

The walls of the Roil have closed in upon the Imperium.  All communications between subsectors have been lost.  Communications between worlds is spotty at best.  From Praesidium Nihilus, the Conclave has endured and attempted to guide the defense and resurgence of Imperial might within the Perfidium Roil...but they are largely in the dark.  Each world will have to fight their own battle, lighting their own ways in the Long Night to come.

Iron Seer presents The Nemesis Sector
Nemesis Nihilum, Vodom Pocket
Era Indomitus

The Torchbearer ships eventually found their way to the worlds of the Perfidium Roil, now known collectively as Nemesis Nihilum.  The Indomitus Crusade is eventually discovered, but contact with the wider Imperium no longer occurs.  The Astronomican hasn't been seen at all in nearly a century, and the Conclave now counts cycles in this new Era Indomitus toward the end of the Long Night.

Recently, a new light has appeared within Nemesis Nihilum.  Hope springs forth once more from Revivum, and the Locurian Choirs of the Saint's Rest were once again heard upon the Empyrean.  The Navigators quickly attuned themselves to the psychic song, and learned to use it to jump short distances.  Even so, it was excessively dangerous now due to the sheer pervasiveness of the forces of chaos.

The walls of the Roil seemed to recede from each world, until they now enclose each individual subsector. Within these sectorum, wars rage to reconquer worlds from horrific invasions, incursions and insurrections.  The Imperium's current goal is to unite each sectorum after the retaking of each of it's worlds, a task easier spoken aloud than actually performed.

Qualcrys Sectorum

Once the administrative heart of Nemesis Nihilum, the Conclave directs the forces of the Imperium from this seat of power.

  • Revivum - Arguably the most important system in Nemesis Nihilum for the Imperium, two inhabited worlds exist in this system.
    • Devotia - Site of the Saint's Rest, from this civilized shrine world the Locurian Choirs fight back the walls of the Perfidium Roil and guide the Emperor's ships through the treacherous warp-scape.  Praesidia Nihilus is currently orbiting this world.
    • Sempervivum - A fortress hive-world of great prosperity, the Sempervivum Immortals regiments of the Imperial Guard have long guarded worlds across Nemesis Nihilum.  
  • Gaiatoria - Once a prosperous, civilized industrial world, Gaiatoria has fallen in it's never-ending war against heretic cults and renegades.
  • Armamentarium - A powerful forge world with mighty hive spires across its' surface, this seat of the Adeptus Mechanicus within Nemesis Nihilum boasts the fealty of powerful Knight houses.
  • Wayreth - A feral forest world, not much is known about what has happened to any Imperial citizens that may have been there.  Though rich in natural resources, the Mechanicus has not been able to devote much to obtaining them.

Kogendor Sectorum

Once the frontier of the Nemesis Sector, within the Roil it has become haven for the enemies of the All-Mighty God-Emperor.

  • Tykon - The so-called Death-Tyrant of Tykon has subjugated the frontier desert world of Tykon Glados, and from this seat of power has threatened all nearby systems and sectorum.  Even now, his insane invasion schemes come to fruition as the ork fleets have pierced the walls of the Roil and have begun to attack the Vodom subsector.
  • Incunabulum - A dead world swallowed by daemons, it's volcanic surface is blistered by the stains of chaos.  Eldar craftworlds have been sighted in the area and have refused all access to Imperial vessels.

Vodom Sectorum

All eyes are on this subsector as it breaks into all out war across the entirety of its' systems.  The battle for Nemesis Nihilum in the Era Indomitus truly begins here, now.

  • Xyphokeya - An important frontier system for the Adeptus Mechanicus, they have begun developing Xyphokeya III into a forge world proper.  However, the Death-Tyrant of Tykon has arrived with a massive ork invasion, putting it all in jeopardy.
  • Magisterium - A civilized fortress world that is a hub of the Munitorum in Nemesis Nihilum, the rolling grasslands hide a terrible alien secret - a threat from the depths of time itself that the Imperial powers were not fully equipped to deal with.
  • Omendalos - A death world of sulfur fields and noxious geothermal activity, the mines here were reserved for the worst of criminals.  Deep in the depths of these prison complexes, cults of the lost and sects of the damned plot with the ruinous powers of chaos to overthrow the Imperial powers.  These heretics have seized control of much of the infrastructure, but soon after Heretic Astartes were identified among the socio-cultists, the Grey Knights in Nemesis Nihilum formed into a full strike force and departed for this blasted hellscape.
  • Jarakko - Not much is known about this feral jungle world, except to it's Astartes masters and the Adeptus Mechanicus.  What is known to the Inquisitors of the conclave is that it, along with Wayreth, is one of the best places to recruit Astartes within Nemesis Nihilum.  With the arrival of Torchbearer fleets, the chapters of Nemesis Nihilum must decide how they will secure their future.
The wars for Nemesis Nihilum have now begun.  Prepare yourselves, commanders.  You will be on your own from now on.  No matter what darkness threatens your crusade, let it not perturb or dissuade you.  You know what to do.  

Let your faith be your shield, and let your fury be your sword.  And most of all, remember this always in your hearts...

The Emperor Protects

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