Friday, January 22, 2021

Howl of Oblivion: The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan

Iron Seer presents Howl of Oblivion
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Awakening well rested the next day, the party prepares in the barracks of the Red Witch.  The spellcasters feel better today, and when the Jasidans arrive to take them to the tomb below they are in eager spirits.  It's all well and good until the entrance to the depths is in sight.

Passing from the worked area of the upper fane into a rough hewn cave passage, the party is put ill-at-ease by rows of sculpted heads that seem right out of the ancient Baklunish Empire.  These heads, along with several broken columns, seem embedded in the natural stone of the passage.  How this is possible is best not thought of, though the Twin Cataclysms come to mind.  The stone heads are staggered at intervals, with a more monstrous face opening its mouth at the end of the passage as the portal to the actual tomb.

The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan on Fantasy Grounds
The huge, empty area has a creep factor all its own.

The party feels strange as they pass through the heads, as if they have suddenly traveled a great distance.  After entering the tomb through the monstrous face, they are struck by the massive complex that looms before them.

The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan on Fantasy Grounds - Dust Devil!
This stone lid is nearly thirty feet long and requires a total 55 STR to lift.

As they enter and proceed through the western antechambers, the party is beset by swarms of small air elementals that erupt from much of the stonework.  Investigating the tomb turns up an object of note - this tomb is not for humans, but rather seems to house many dead minotaur-like bodies.  The bodies in the sarcophagi are interred in ancient finery, though seem devoid of any actual valuables.  There is a noticeable lack of any script in the tomb area or on the sarcophagi, but Anverth finds a massive collection of Jasidan temple rituals that seems to be in general use.

The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan on Fantasy Grounds - Mystery & Treasure
It's not dingy - it's dimly lit.

The party continues and explores the eastern antechambers from the main tomb entrance.  This area is in noticeable disrepair, though they do manage to find gems in a store room.  The room behind the scree-fall houses a number of items that are used in funerary rituals by a number of cultures, though the minotaur-like symbology has an unknown origin and meaning.  Thankfully, there are no elementals or constructs in this part of the complex, and exploration thereof will continue next session.

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