Sunday, January 3, 2021

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 3rd Edition
3rd Edition, baby.

Warhammer.  It's SRS BZNZ.

I had always wanted a fantasy miniature collection, since I learned that such things were possible many years ago.  As a teenager, I was really into Marauder miniatures - but I was never exposed to wargaming back then.  It wasn't until I got older and had a job that I would learn about Warhammer 40,000.  Soon after, I would learn about the fantasy version of the game from friends made on the battlefields of the 41st millennium.  Maybe three years into miniature collecting proper (somewhere around 1998) I had my very first fantasy army - the Undead.

Fast forward many years, and I have many armies and campaigns under my belt.  Then something terrible happened to Warhammer.  I'm not really going to talk much about End Times or Age of Sigmar, because I hate them.  I like some Age of Sigmar models, but that's about it.  If I can't use them for something other than Age of Sigmar I'm not likely to use them at all.

A few years later, and Oldhammer is powerful.  In addition, many other games rose to fill the gap left by the death of Warhammer.  Some were good games, but they just don't have that down-home flavor of the Old World.  Still, as a community, Warhammer Fantasy players adapted.  The 9th Age began, for better or worse (YMMV).  The Warhammer Armies Project (yes, the actual WAP for many a year now) began an unofficial 9th Edition.

I have something like eight Warhammer Fantasy Armies.  I'm still building them, with old pieces.  However, Games Workshop must have felt the pulse of Warhammer deep in the muck of the Age of Sigmar.  Last year, they offered us a tease of something we desperately wanted - a return of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, proper.

Warhammer: The Old World

A few articles have come out.  The announcementA map teaserThe latest on...Bretonnians?

Games Workshop has let us know our caparisoned knights will be back on the table in an 'official' and 'supported' capacity soon.  Well, that's fine - the way it SHOULD be.  However, we've been doing this without Games Workshop's involvement for quite some time, because they literally ended the world with all of us still in it.  

For whatever reason, a large portion of the player base DID NOT end up in the Age of Sigmar.  So I guess they have to come back for us if they want our gold crowns.  For myself, I wanted to introduce Warhammer Fantasy Battles to the blog while Games Workshop is talking about it.  I'm most interested in the Oldhammer, but for current style games I'm all in on the Warhammer Army Project's 9th Edition.  You can find everything you need there for battles in the Old World, and I'll probably drop edition translations of old magic and items, and maybe characters or units we dig up from the vault.

For the Old World, I'm hopeful but wary.  I want this to be the definitive version of Warhammer, but Games Workshop doesn't really work that way.  We'll wait and see.  Until then, check your 9th Edition army books at the WAP, or find an army there and start raising the banners.  Hit me up if you need help finding models among the myriad of manufacturers now available!  It's a sea of choice!

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