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Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress [Part 4]

Howl of Oblivion by Iron Seer
** Howl of Oblivion Campaign Page **

The party recuperates, though the caravan guards around the auto-yurts report lots of activity near the camp.  Jackals had been heard all through the night.  In the morning, the party is ready to move out at first light.  Fasha informs them that water is running low, and soon they will have to depart to Yecha.

The party finds the entrance to the tomb re-covered, and inside they are attacked from two directions nearly as soon as they step foot inside.  A pack of kobold-trained jackals attack along with their kobold packmasters.  The combat is savage, and a short sleep spell by Anverth sees all the jackals sleeping peacefully as the remaining kobolds retreat.  Peacefully, until Khaine cuts off their heads.

Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress -  The Jackalpit
"Hmm...helpless dogs.  What to do with all these helpless animals?  Hm.  Hmmmm..."

The party heads deeper into the complex, and begin to hear what sounds like an unintelligible beratement.  The group finds a hobgoblin yelling at an skeleton, and approach cautiously.  The hobgoblin gestures to the skeleton, who signals his pack of skeletal jackals to spring forward and attack.

Iris then beheads the hobgoblin in a single stroke, claiming his shinging and singing scimitar for her own.  Walkul then turns the remaining skeletons, including the Houndmaster - all of whom are not destroyed in the rout flee to the south.  Meanwhile, the party pillages the hobgoblin's stuff (who was evidently named Mung Yung) and find several interesting items - such as a magic scroll.

The party also finds an alcove littered with the bodies of dead adventurers and crawling with giant centipedes.  When the party steps inside, several skeletons of small animals animate and crawl to attack alongside the massive arthopods.  Walkul invokes the power of Pelor and turns them back while the party cleans up the centipedes.  A gleaming suit of mail is found on one of the long-dead bodies, which Walkul intends to restore.

Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress -  Critical Hit!
Next on One-Hit Wonders:  Mung Yung the Hob

In the last room, the party finds a bunch of furtive kobolds just kinda chillaxin', eating dinner made of what looks like jackal.  Anverth converses with them, and the old one agrees to tell them where they think the treasure is if the party will just leave.  In the corner of the kobold water-hole, the party finds all the skeletons huddled in a corner.

Lost Jewels of the Ancient Sorceress -  Kobold Waterhole
Believe it or not, those red tokens are only mildly hostile.

Evidently, that corner is where the jewels most likely are, according to the kobolds.  So the party begins to attack the skeletal houndmaster, but the old kobold speaks up.  She asks Anverth to tell the rest of the party to leave the skeleton be, who is beloved by the kobolds.  In return she will shoo them away.

After the skeletons are moved up the walkway, Borz discovers the hidden stone plate to an alcove, some 4 feet high and 3 feet off the ground.  Using Walkul as a step-ladder, the dwarf pries the stone free and pulls the alcove door free, exposing and damaging an ancient stone trap in the process.

Inside, they find a stone mannequin, upon which rests the complete regalia of A'ta Sevaaya.  The party leaves the tomb and joins again with Fasha outside.  Though the party briefly considers holding onto the regalia, they honor their bargain and turn it over to Fasha.  The trip was quite profitable - the magic alone worth more than the regalia.  After talking it over with Fasha, the party agrees to accept another job.  

Fasha began to tell them the tale of another sorceress...this one still very much alive...

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