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The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan [Part II]

Iron Seer presents Howl of Oblivion
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The party continues into deeper into the complex of the Second Tomb, all the while wondering where those golems Fasha was talking about might be.  Twisting corridors lead in all directions, and Borz spends some time examining the stonework.  Khaine helps search nearly every inch of the corridors for traps and other interesting things, but all they find are clues to the complex's construction and evidence of recent passage.


The party finds a shrine amongst the maze-like corridors.  There are bowls made of gold, with gems such as for some sort of offering to whatever is depicted in the imagery of the idol.  The Jasidan scripts are all offerings of abeyance to their Lady and her servants.  Borz attempts to pry the gem from the head of the statue, but it disintegrates into fine mist which afflicts the dwarf with coughing and wheezing spasms for some time.

The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan on Fantasy Grounds
Walkul attempts to flush the dwarf's eyes and face with water, but the powdery irritant remains.

The party presses on, finding a cell-like room with chains upon the wall.  One side of the room is littered with bones - though they were far too large to be human.  Upon the desk and table, the party finds a strange book, titled 'The Limbolibram', written in ancient Baklunish and some other strange pictography.  Perhaps the language of magic?

Underneath the small desk, they find entrance to a carven tunnel nearly the size of the main corridors of the complex.  Crawling under the desk and walking out the other end of the tunnel, they discover a secret door to another section of corridors, this time leading in other directions.  Borz begins to suspect the corridor complex may have at one time been one large chamber, and as the party explores this seems to be the case.

The Second Tomb of Oroch-Vaan Maze Entrances

At the end of one of these sections, the party senses a faint vibration along a small section of wall.  Walkul detects a moderate magic on the other side of the wall, due west.  Khaine and Borz quickly inspect the wall for a way through, but there seems no other option than to continue along the corridors.

Undaunted, the party prepares to move through the complex more quickly...

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