Friday, July 3, 2020

The Brasslight Reclaimers

The Brasslight Reclaimers, an AD&D 2e campaign presented by Iron Seer.

In the city of Baldur's Gate, a determined and enterprising dwarf has incorporated an adventuring company.  Merryk Brasslight and his old chums set out with a few new hires.  He seeks the restoration of his family honor by hunting down and reclaiming a legacy of artifacts his clan once possessed.  Largely successful in their ventures, the company has become stable and established in the city.  Recently, after a mission goes terribly awry, the Brasslight Reclaimers begin to hire a new clutch of adventurers.  

Answering the call to possible fame and riches, the new party begins to arrive at the Brasslight Manor.

However, things become strange very quickly at the Manor.  The newcomers are increasingly suspicious of everything around them, and for good reason.  Now, they must negotiate the skulduggery of the cities of the Sword Coast as well as the serious bodily perils associated with 'dungeon work'.

Brasslight Reclaimers is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition campaign that uses the following rulebooks beyond the core manuals:  
  • Forgotten Realms Adventures
  • Warriors and Priests of the Realms
  • Wizards and Rogues of the Realms
  • Demihumans of the Realms
  • Tome of Magic
  • All 'Complete' Books (excepting the Complete Psionics Handbook and those specific to other settings; e.g. Gladiator / Sha'ir) 
  • The Arms & Equipment Guide.

Player Characters

  • Keatoris, CG Elven Mage
    • Apprenticed to the company's senior wizard Exkylos, Keatoris skill with bow and spell is already remarkable.
  • Frankie Kicks, Chaotic Good Human Amazon (Fighter)
    • Frankie is a no-nonsense tribal who cares mostly for her wardog, Guy.
  • Lamont Lamar Jackson, Chaotic Good Halfling Expert Treasure-Hunter (Thief)
    • As a child from Beggar's Nest in Neverwinter, he and his brother Billis were taken in by millionaire philanthropist Fil Drumondt.  He has left Neverwinter to seek his own fortune.
  • Blowme, Dwarf Berzerker (Fighter)
    • A taciturn dwarf from the northern mountains, he mostly just wants to fight people - and monsters.
  • Hay Seuss Christo, Chaotic Good Prophet (Cleric) of Selune
    • This cleric receives the prophecies of Selune through his pet billy goat.

Session Log

Previously (Late 2019-Early 2020):
  • Brasslight Manor
    1. The party is hired and begin to settle into their new life. They meet their colleagues, and run some interference for Brasslight down at the docks, e.g. they roll some guys trying to make off with a lawfully imported shipment of supplies.  Thanks to Keatoris' friend in the City Watch the incident is brushed over and no prosecution is imminent.  
    2. Strange things begin to occur in the Manor.  Suddenly, danger appears from nowhere as goblins infiltrate the manor, culminating with an exploration of the 'under construction' wings and a goblin skeet shoot.  The party finds a hidden passage to a forgotten dungeon...
    3. Within the winding staircase, it is revealed the Manor is much more than just an old house in Baldur's Gate.  Chasing the goblins, the party finds an old vault beneath the Manor and a fell enemy.  Using wretched sorcery beyond the players, the villain delivers a message to Merryk Brasslight from one Frengl Thundervow that boiled down to "got my money, chump?"  Within the vault, one of the mysterious artifacts Brasslight is hunting is found...and he brushes off all mention of Thundervow.
*Sessions will continue at some point in the future when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  More on this later.  Stay safe!  Wear your masks, because right now it's socially acceptable to be a ninja or gas-mask soldier in public.  Do your part!

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