Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blotz Mystic Circles

Blotz Mystic Circles!
Today's Lesson:  Step ONLY where you mean to.

If you've never heard of Blotz, then go over right now and check it out.  They have a wide selection of cool mdf stuff, for lots of different purposes.  I recently made an order of several items and got them in pretty short time for a trip across the pond.  Of the pieces I bought, the most simple among them were the most important to me in the short term.

So, for some reason I found some 20 year old glazes on the back half of the shelf.  I decided to see how they worked, how they fared and whether or not the first Citadel bottles were indeed the best.  These two circles are done with ancient Blue and Yellow Glazes by Games Workshop, from sometime in the 90's.

I guess I've had these for this long and just never really knew how to use them.  Fast forward several (twenty plus) years and they are still knocking around but now I have some idea what to do with them.  Nevertheless, I decided to see how they came out on their own against a neutral background.

Blotz Mystic Circles!
Do not stand on unfamiliar runic configurations while spelunking mysterious & sinister
constructions, especially if you are in pursuance of any particularly powerful motivations (group or individual).

It was more tedious than I would have liked.  I painted white into the grooves on the discs, then glazed them with a different color each.  I then overbrushed the stone with Mechanicus Grey, which nicely matches my spray Armory Grey.  Wow, old stuff.  Time to get rid of it!

I finished these two discs using Red and Turquoise Glazes, respectively.  They have an odd sheen to them, but finishing should dull it a bit.  They look great, and will be specifically used for Frostgrave...there's a certain scenario that requires four such arcane circles, you see...

Blotz Mystic Circles!
Do not utter arcane monologues in any mystical syntax (known or unknown) while holding objects of cosmic investiture while simultaneously standing on said unfamiliar runic configurations.

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