Sunday, July 19, 2020

Treasure Tokens

Fantasy Treasure Tokens
You like gold?  Huh, kid?
What am I saying?  You're an adventurer - of course you do!

Treasure!  It's what's for dinner - if you're a certain kind of murder-hobo.  

Here's some fantasy treasure markers, mostly cast-offs from larger Games Workshop kits.  This clutch of game tokens is a group that was painted a long time ago.  I'm not even sure who painted these, as they once belonged to the old club.  I know Miss Anthropy did a few of these...maybe (probably) even all of them.  

Fantasy Treasure Tokens
Be careful - statistically, at least one of these is a mimic (and the rest are trapped).

This collection of tokens comes from a wide variety of sources and I'm not sure where they all came from.  Some were painted quite some time back, but I'll try to mark where they may or may not have come from.  Currently, these are my main set of Treasure Tokens for Frostgrave, though they have been objective markers for a while.

Fantasy Treasure Tokens
Greetings, I'm Tryna Gitmunny.  How do you do?

Now, they serve many different games, not just Frostgrave.  That's why they do not have snow applied to them, and why I won't apply snow to any of these markers.

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