Sunday, June 28, 2020

TableWar Designs 4x4 Cave Floor Battle Mat

Tablewar 4'x4' Cave Floor Battle Mat

TableWar Designs strikes again!

I love these new mousepad material battlemats.  Back in my day, there weren't all these cool things that made it easy to make your table look so...well, good.  I also appreciate the cases they ship these in now.  It makes it a LOT easier to store each mat, even if space is limited.  

Tablewar 4'x4' Cave Floor Open
I struggled with the light in the main room.

The Cave Floor Battlemat here is 4'x4'.  I'm going to be using it for a lot of different games, and also for some dungeon battles I'm sure.  I got it slightly larger to be regulation size for certain games, though the bigger footprint does limit where it can be deployed.  Not that it matters, since any time I deploy it this mat will be on a regulation size 6'x4' game table.

It comes with a nice bag for the mat, which helps a lot with storage.  I'm starting to build a collection of these mats, and by far my favorites are the ones that are easy to deploy.  These are durable and have their own dedicated bags for hanging in the vault when not in use. 

Tablewar 4'x4' Cave Floor Up Close
"I'm gonna ask you fellas one more time - Where's the nearest Wendy's?"

Awesome.  Check out TableWar Designs and see if you can find something to build a project on.  I'm going to have to find a sci-fi table for an upcoming project...

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