Sunday, July 5, 2020

Reaper Bones Crates & Barrels

Reaper Bones Crates & Barrels (and Stuff)
Everyone needs some old sacks, boxes and creaky barrels.

I've had these for a minute, but finally sat down and painted some wood.  These came from Bones Kickstarter II,  so it's been a few years.  Hopefully in a few more years, I'll have all this stuff painted.  I need to hurry, because Bones IV will be here in a quick minute.

These were pretty easy and quick.  I used GameColor Charred Brown as a base, painted directly onto the Bones material.  After that, Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black filled in the grain, and I used an un-named brown that I had used on Reaper Cemetery Gates.

Crates & Barrels (and Stuff)
This is where we keep the booty...the PIRATE booty.

Since this collection isn't for any game in particular, I added some bits together to make some more pieces.  The barrel is from some Warhammer set...not sure on that one, maybe the plastic giant?  The other pieces are from Warmachine, I think they came in the Mercenaries Heavy Warjack kit.

Either way, they make great Objective Markers.

I swear, I heard someone peeing out here by the gunpowder...

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