Sunday, October 7, 2018

Frostgrave: Cemetery Gates

Reaper Cemetery Walls & Gates
"...they said you could hear the Devil and the Lord, a-countin' out souls."
Well, I got Cemetery Fences & Walls from a Bones Kickstarter and I finally decided to paint it.  This is the first part of a larger cemetery set for Frostgrave.  Originally this was going to be a single set piece on one large base, but after considering it I felt that it would be cool to have a set piece but having everything loose and be able to do whatever you like with the setup.  I split the project in to basically three parts instead of one whole, each of which will be modular and specific to my Frostgrave board.  So, I figure you've got to set the fences up first.

Reaper Miniatures Cemetery Walls 2
A grey basecoat'll do'er.
Dheneb Stone and something that looks like Dheneb Stone (it didn't have a label when I fished it out of the rack) make up the base color.  I think it IS Dheneb Stone, so I decided to try to use it up.

Rock Colored Paints
Eh, the shade is a bit off.
 On second thought, maybe that's not Dheneb Stone.

Reaper Miniatures Cemetery Walls 3
Dheneb(?) basecoating.
A full layer of the "stone color" down and I went about picking out individual stones with the greys and darker browns.  I did this while quite busy in real life, and somehow forgot to take pictures of the walls at this stage.  You'll be able to see the Game Color Charred Brown and Cold Grey that were used for the other colored stones in the pictures below.

Reaper Bones Cemetery Gates
"Yep.  It's definitely made of ghost-iron.  Not a good sign, if you ask me...guv'na."
So, I inked it with the Heavy Body Black from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Afterward, that was cleaned up with a drybrush of the 'stone' color we don't quite know the name of.  Rocks were looking great.

I used Game Color Black to put a base on the bars, and after that had to really think about how I wanted to paint these bars.  I definitely wanted some sort of sorcerous black iron, so that's how I painted it.  To create the 'ghost-iron' effect, just some drybrushing with some Orkhide and Scorpion greens.  I made sure to get the runes on the gate with this color as well.

It looked really nice at this point.  I messed up right at the end when I noticed the sealer I was using was gloss instead of matte.  Somehow I picked up the wrong can and failed to check.  The only thing that saved me is that it was going to a 'wet' table and wouldn't really be noticeable as out of place.

I'll always double check from now on.

Reaper Cemetery Gate and Walls in Winter
Softly come the snows...
 ...then it was time to apply the snow.

Reaper Cemetery Gate and Walls in Winter 1
Berry Blessedhammer and Softhands the Bounty Hunter find clues in the cemetery.
 Turned out pretty nice, if some slight imperfections.  Looks good on the table, overall I think.

Reaper Cemetery Gate and Walls in Winter 2
"Damn.  We're in a tight spot."
 The set is kind of restrictive, but with two or more you could line out a fairly large plot.  As it is, we only intend for this to contain a few graves and a mausoleum.  More of these walls would be quite fun to play with, I must admit.

Reaper Cemetery Gate and Walls in Winter 4
"What's the dwarven word for 'shazbot'?"

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