Friday, September 18, 2020

Traveller: Research and Rescue [Part 2]

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The following is GameDoc's session notes:

Session Summary:

Faced with the encroachment of the strange soldiers, the rest of Travellers elect to descend into the central shaft of the ziggurat while JC sneaks back to their downed transport. He leaves a drone with the group so he can monitor their progress and communicate with them.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller Ziggurat Interior

At the bottom of the shaft, the Travellers discover a dead humanoid, similar to the soldiers seen outside. It appears to have starved to death. A quick medical exam by Hernando indicates it is a synthetic organism with computer implanted in its brain. The work is like that seen in the flying creature that attacked them in the forest.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller Ziggurat Interior

Further exploring the ruins, they deduce that the structure has been abandoned for thousands of years. They also discover a cache of small metallic tokens with unknown symbols stamped into them and a small sphere that begins to shed dim light when approached.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller Ziggurat Down the Shaft

Finding a fissure in the floor, the Travellers make their way to a lower level and discover a central control room filled with computer terminals of alien design. They also discover a troop of the synthetic soldiers. Amadeus hurls a frag grenade into their midst, killing them all, but also killing their human prisoner, who appears to be one of the research lost team initially sent by the Baroness.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller Ziggurat Lower

The glowing sphere begins to vibrate and glow brighter. Hernando attempts to communicate with it in binary using his equipment. The object begins to scan the data files in his device and soon begins to audibly mimic Hernando’s speech. But before he can experiment further, more synthetic soldiers storm the room.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller

A gun battle ensues and the Travellers take some minor wounds before defeating this newest round of foes. The sphere is then able to explain that it is an artificial intelligence design to asssit in scientific research. It absorbs heat to power itself. It does not know of its precise origins but it is apparent that it was created or at least brought here by wherever alien civilization built the structure.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller Ziggurat Combat
"Careful with those explosives.  Please."

JC informs the group that he has made basic repairs to the transport for when it is needed and that he will continue to monitor and offer technical assistance via his drone.

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