Sunday, September 20, 2020

HeroQuest Furniture!

So, Heroquest was a board game published by Milton-Bradley way back in 1989, and was one of my first forays into fantasy gaming.  It was a collaboration with Games Workshop, and is still one of the best adventure games out there regarding dungeons and monsters.

Heroquest Bookcases & Tables
"Lady, I already told you not to do that kind of stuff in here 
Alas, so many years later and I do not actually have a copy of Heroquest (I had at least two growing up).  However, somehow - I've managed to grab every piece from the game I could when I ran across them.  As a result, I have lots of the miniatures and furniture - but not the board or any of the cards from the game.

Heroquest Dungeon Library
A quiet place amidst the dark of the dungeon.  Noice.
The furniture that I have has been used in countless dungeons and wargame setups.  However, they aren't fully painted.  Some might argue they don't really need painting and for thirty years I've put it off.  However, I wanted to get this done so I could say I have painted Heroquest kit.

Heroquest Cozy Dungeon
All of these are fairly simple, but the card portions are intact!  So, naturally those are part of the display...even though there's a clear crease on the fireplace it still resonates with me.  That might be because it's been with me so long...

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