Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dark Age Jade Falcon

The Dark Age has begun.

The year is 3145, a century after the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere...and all is in ruin.  As old wars grind away, new ones flare up.  The Clan Jade Falcon has mustered on Izar for a foray into Commonwealth space to expand the Falcon's Reach, and we begin our adventure here on the field as our Jade Falcon commander surveys their battleforce.

I decided to go ahead and take photos of the MechWarrior: Dark Age models I'll be using to start Horizon Wars and other mecha games.  I'll be adding squads and support elements later, as I've got plenty of C.A.V.s to paint up!

Dark Age Jade Falcon Army
Jade Falcon attack force, mustering on Izar.
2nd Falcon Dragoons
Commanding Officer Star Colonel Ayaan Mandaka

Strategic Mission: Take Planet Vindemiatrix from the weakling Lyran Commonwealth.

Dark Age Jade Falcon Artillery
A mix of stationary emplacements and mobile fire support.
Jade Falcon usually eschews such tactics as bombardments and artillery.  Nonetheless, the attack force does have some artillery support units.  These elements provide support to bust emplacements and dig out infantry from defended positions in coordination with a direct attack, rather than performing long-range bombardments.

Dark Age Jade Falcon Cavalry & Air Support
Allied Clan heavy transports aid in moving heavy equipment, while VTOL craft provide air support to the ground forces.
Light Cavalry and Aircraft carry a secondary value to the Jade Falcon, and as such these units are limited.  However, the Clan's tactics do not usually require them.  When they are deployed as part of the attack force, they fulfill the role of transport, reconnaissance and air-defense.

Dark Age Jade Falcon Infantry
Infantry Armor!  ...and a TrackBike!
A large section of Light Power Armor elements make up the bulk of the Clan infantry in this attack force.  These are augmented by a number of other models of armor, including some Elementals.  In addition, a TrackBike serves as Mobile Infantry reconnaissance.

Dark Age Jade Falcon Battlemechs
Powerful Jade Falcon Battlemechs cross the Sulfur Fields.
The Clan has brought a selection of battlemechs to take part in the attack force.  Zeus, Blade and Jaguar mechs will be most common, supported by a few light and medium varieties.  Expect Clan Stars to be heavier than standard.

Dark Age Jade Falcon Army 2
For the glory of the Jade Falcon!

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