Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rogue Star Wars: Scum & Villainy

Welcome to Rogue Star Wars.

Scum & Villainy, across all Star Wars media, are my favorite faction.  A ragged group of pirates, criminals, smugglers, mercenaries, desperados and / or banditos...take your pick.  I've just always felt more 'at home' among these types, so today we take a look at the third scenario team for our campaign.

Of course, we're going with Pirates.  An interesting bonus they get is access to all Silent and Non-Penetrating weapons.  I'm not really interested in the non-penetration factor, but Silent is what I'm all about.  It allows the wielder to remain hidden while shooting, unless you just fully open up on the target.  Sneaky...sneaky.  It's all about being sneaky.

After I worked this list up, I realized I had something different than the other two teams.  There's far more stealth and melee-focused characters.  The down-and-dirty methodology here is pretty apparent...get close, then get rekt.  To that end, the requirement that one character have a cyberweapon was an easy fit with a concealed vibroblade...somewhere.

Skills play into the style a lot more, and I think a lot more was spent on skills in general with this team than the Rebels or the Imperials.  I actually think this might be the contender list, but then this is my third attempt at a team...but the others definitely have ranged advantage in any contest.  Each melee attack will have to count, so the Pirates get the Brawlers tactical discipline, which lets you re-roll up to 10 failed melee attacks during the game.

Buru Brothers Shipping & Handling, Inc. (Pirates)
  • Aqualish Technician (43)
    • Free Disengage, Leadership 2, Martial Arts 2
    • Force Shield & 2 Knives; Plasma Grenade
  • Aqualish Assassin (26)
    • Weapon Master 2
    • Force Shield & Vibro-Blade; Knife
  • Aqualish Spy (37)
    • Stealth 3, Tech 1
    • Kevlar Jacket & Needler Pistol; 2 Stun Grenades, 
  • Whiphid Tracker (33)
    • Stealth 3, Perceptive 2, Martial Arts 2
    • Force Shield & Bow 
  • Kel Dor Bounty Hunter (32)
    • Veteran, Danger Sense
    • Light Combat Dress & Flechette Pistol; Vibroblade Cyberweapon 
  • Duros Scoundrel (29)
    • Alert, Free Disengage, Stealth 3, Medic 1
    • Kevlar Jacket & Laser Pistol
  • 200 XP Total
The S&H company from the Outer Rim definitely have chops up close, but will they be blown to pieces by concentrated firepower or even just a lucky shot or two?  Perhaps their stealth will help, since a few can fire their Silent weapons and remain hidden...but activation isn't guaranteed, and reactions aren't predictable either.  Soon enough, we'll find out...

Rogue Star Wars Scum & Villainy
Junk dealing aliens or ... something far more sinister?

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