Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rogue Star Wars: The Rebellion

So, we're gonna play Rogue Stars.  With Star Wars minis.  Today we'll be taking a look at a team created for the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War.  We'll explore some Imperial-styled teams later on, but for now I've got to get my Rebellion in order.

Rogue Stars is a strange beast, so I'm going to walk you through how we made the squads for the scenarios we'll be running.  Other than the 200 XP you get to build your initial squad, there are a few things you get to pick independently to further define who they are and how they fight.  These are called 'Themes' and 'Tactical Disciplines'.

Themes decide which traits, equipment and other details your squad can initially start with.  Tactical disciplines grant a bonus or special feature to all members of the squad.  Together with buying equipment and traits for each model, this is how a squad is created in Rogue Stars.  One last thing - it's important to remember there are no flat stat-lines in Rogue Stars, so it's all down to how traits, equipment and special rules interact with one another.

For the first of the two scenario teams, I've decided to put together a team of Rebel Tech-Partisans.  These are a well-organized and equipped team of guerrilla fighters striking at the heart of the Empire from within, so I chose 'Militia' as the Theme.  This gives me access to a list of traits, as well as all Civilian and Military weapons.  The special requirement is that one character has the Veteran trait, and that's not an issue.

For the Tactical Discipline, I'm taking 'Only the Brave'.  This allows the squad to re-roll failed morale rolls, redoubling the resolve of the rebels.

Rebel Tech-Partisans (Militia)
Only the Brave
  • Captain Namus Vance (38)
    • Veteran, Marksman (3)
    • Kevlar & Assault Rifle
  • Duros Technician (38)
    • Perceptive (1) & Medic (2)
    • Kevlar, Refraction Field & Laser Pistol 
    • Medikit
  • Rebel Pathfinder (29)
    • Agile (3), Fast (2), Stealth (1)
    • Kevlar & Laser Pistol 
  • Rebel Commando (32)
    • Marksman (3)
    • Kevlar & Assault Rifle
  • Rebel Commando (32)
    • Marksman (3)
    • Kevlar & Assault Rifle
  • Bothan Commando (31)
    • Marksman (3)
    • Kevlar & Laser Rifle
  • 200 XP Total
The squad is based around the Marksmen, using their rifles.  I have included medical and scout specialists to widen the ability base here, but brute force reigns supreme.  These rebel scum will surprise an Imperial foe expecting them to melt away at the first sign of a fight.

Note that the 'Medikit' was actually omitted from the book but is available in an errata.  I opted to give him medical training and the medikit, so he can actually do his job.  Placing the medic in the fireteam will add to that resilience, making this rebellion team fairly dangerous despite the lack of armor.

Rebel Tech-Partisans, fresh from the Auzituck!

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