Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rogue Star Wars: Imperials

In this follow on from our Rebellion team, we take a look at the first Imperial scenario team for our Rogue Star Wars scenarios.  The team will also be 200 XP at the start of the campaign, and will be built around a core of Imperial Storm Troopers.  It will represent a hunter team first dispatched to Roon to ferret out the last remaining rebels still operating there.  More on that later...

For now, let's take a look at the actual team.

Star Cops get a neat advantage in that one member can use Intelligence gear, but I'm not going to exercise that ability in the initial build.  Instead, I'm going to be spending a lot of points on Storm Trooper armor.  Once you start handing out armor, you'll notice your troops basic cost is a lot higher...and that's to be expected.  I opted for basic gear on most of the troopers, but the squad has a rifle specialist.

As well as all that, the Bounty Hunter has a few skills to make him more dangerous, even if I didn't end up giving him a Marksman bonus or full combat dress.  I see him more as an independent operative rather than the squad's combat leader.  He's the tracker...and he wants to get paid.

To that end, this team is taking the Heavy Firepower tactical discipline.  This allows your team members to perform Hail-of-Fire attacks, which is basically auto/rapid fire, without a penalty.  This is limited to up to five times per game, but in a clench that seems really powerful.

Imperial Hunter-Killer Team (Star Cops)
Heavy Firepower
  • Bounty Hunter (59)
    • Veteran, Tough (2), Reactive, Lucky
    • Light Combat Dress & Assault Rifle; Frag Grenade
  • TK-666 (35)
    • Marksman (1)
    • Combat Dress & SMG; Frag Grenade
  • TK-187 (35)
    • Marksman (1)
    • Combat Dress & SMG; Frag Grenade
  • TK-138 (35)
    • Marksman (1)
    • Combat Dress & SMG; Frag Grenade
  • TK-272 (36)
    • Marksman (1)
    • Combat Dress & Molecular Slugthrower; Frag Grenade
  • 200 XP Total
The Heavy Firepower discipline will allow the team to keep up a withering hail of fire on any target that presents itself, even as they advance.  Following the tactics of the Storm Trooper Corps., the idea is to march forward and overwhelm anything that might think about trying to put up a resistance.  Add in all the grenades and you get a very promising-looking group of troopers that should be able to breach any resistance they may run into.

Imperial Hunter-Killer Team with Alpha-class Starwing
Imperial patrols in and around the Cloak of the Sith have stepped up the firepower.

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