Sunday, May 20, 2018

No More Half Measures

Traveling at the speed of light is very hard...unless you learn not to suck.
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Twenty some-odd years ago, we didn't have a lot of the hobby stuff we have now available.  I mean in general...pretty much all the stuff that we take for granted in this golden age of the tabletop we never had, and what there was were mediocre supplies that might be harder to get than you think they would be.

Nowadays, there are several COMPANIES who flourish in the industry providing us not just with models and game rules, but with really nice and innovative hobby products.  This ranges from basing materials, to cool play mats that are actually worth investing in and terrain of high quality.  For any one thing, you've got lots of choices.

In general, there's a lot more things readily available and marketed to wargamers outside of the models themselves.  There's a whole industry for modeling out there - paints, pigments and other art supplies made specifically for our hobby and marketed directly to us by companies we might be familiar with.  After painting my very first models with crappy Testors enamel and toothpicks, I'm happy to see this progress and expansion.

Now we have options, and that's kind of my point.  I can't allow anything unpainted or half-crapped on the table ever again.  I just...can't do it.  Not in this age of Hobby Enlightenment, where we can buy cool building kits and all this cool stuff I already mentioned.

Not to knock anyone who likes building from scratch, but I spend most of my gaming time painting, reading and planning.  To some extent even, blogging.  If you're into that and can produce great work, I love you.  I want you to build me cool stuff, so I don't have to and can focus on what's killing who and where.

Invest in your materials, and you invest in your skill as modelers and painters.  Try new techniques and new materials as quickly as you run across them.  Expand your knowledge through research, trial and error.  Practice, as in all things, makes perfect.

...but no more bare plastic, primed armies or crapped-up packing foam bunkers on my table.  I'm an adult.

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