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Top 8 Reasons the Summoner is Best

Demons of the Universe, come together for your common goal, full implementation of the metric system.
Inspirobot knows the proper incantations.
Calling your friends for help is always a good move, according to conventional wisdom.  It helps when those friends are super-powerful multi-dimensional creatures, as it tends to break the ice in social situations.  A tendency to associate folks with the company they keep is strong in most societies, so keeping the right multidimensional contacts on hand can declare a lot about where you stand on a multitude of issues right out of the gate.

Of course, the Summoner in Frostgrave doesn't have to hang out with the devils of Tartarus...but he can if he chooses.  The term 'demon' here, as in many contexts around the universe, simply describes multidimensional entities from what might be a variety of planes.  There's no limit to what can be used as your extraplanar associates, save that it basically breaks down to three categories:  imp, lesser demon and greater demon.  You'll want enough of both on hand so both your spellcasters can summon during the game!

The Summoner's associated schools are also rather aggressive.  You have Necromancer, Witch and Elementalist aligned, and Sigilist opposed.  This potential for summons and servants gives the Summoner a headstart in outnumbering the enemy warband!

Top 8 Reasons Summoner is Best!
  1. Bind Demon
    • A single spellcaster can only have one bound demon at a time - this rule is super important for summoners.  Use this spell to disrupt an opposing demon, should you encounter one - but only if your spellcaster hasn't already summoned one.  Also use this to regain control of your demon from anyone who manages to bind it away from you.  This is a basic spell for your Summoner.
  2. Imp
    • Summons an uncontrolled imp.  A spellcaster can only have one uncontrolled imp on the board at a time.  Make sure to drop these near the enemy, as they will attack the nearest target.
  3. Leap
    • Fantastic movement spell that lets you ignore terrain up to ten inches tall.  If you've got vertical terrain that high, it becomes even more useful.
  4. Plague of Insects
    • Hefty combat penalties are levied by this spell and it won't immediately go away.  Consider empowering this spell to decrease the likelihood of the target shrugging it off, because it will truly weigh down even the most powerful warriors.  Remember also, it's an area effect spell, so your closest troopers may be affected by it...unless it's a large target.
  5. Planar Tear
    • A minor attack that does serious damage to demons.  It is area effect, but it's limited use against...everything but demons limits use to engaging certain kinds of enemy wizards...namely, other Summoners or those that rely heavily on Summoner spells.
  6. Plane Walk
    • This spell is a limited use spell, but it's actually QUITE useful.  Use it to escape enemies, mostly.  However, Leap will get you further away on average.  What this spell does neatly is allow you place yourself anywhere around large combats without worry of being engaged.
  7. Possess
    • Puts one of your soldiers on 'roids for the rest of the game, but makes them vulnerable to Summoner magic that affects demons.  Use with caution, especially against enemy Summoners or Thaumaturges.
  8. Summon Demon
    • Bread and butter for the Summoner, this spell is used during the game to create a temporary ally.  Consider empowering this spell to get larger demons, as you'll have to pass your cast number by 13+ in order to summon a greater demon.  Each of your spellcasters can summon demons, though it counts as 'bound' (per the spell, Bind Demon).
Certainly, you can see the underlying strategy:  get as many threats as you can into play.  I heard somewhere that you can achieve 18+ minions during the game with the right spells, but I digress.  With Summon Demon, Imp and Bind Demon, you have the tools to have 14 (well, 12 and 2 extant threat) members in your warband and the tools to defend yourself from hostile spellcasters versed in the mysteries of summoning.

Summoned minions, however, don't have much in the way of missile weapons, so I suggest having a few to compensate.  Maybe more than a few.  You'll be wanting to stay far away from the wild imps raging around, after all.

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