Sunday, March 18, 2018


Make it so that someone craps their  pants.
Inspirobot knows what you really want.
I'd like to introduce you to Challonge.

Challonge makes it easy to display certain information by allowing us to embed the information here on the site.  For some campaigns, tournaments and events, we'll be using Challonge to track the matches and some results.  Each campaign will detail how it works in the relevant campaign portal.

The Iron Seer Challonge Organization page will show basic, team and tournament / campaign organization.  It's not necessary to create a Challonge account, but if you've got an online presence and want to represent we invite you to do so and send us your information in any of the normal ways.  The more players, the merrier.

You can find a link to our organization page and ACTIVE campaigns in the Community tab and in the proper portals.  While we won't be using it for every single game, it's too useful a tool to NOT use.  The first campaign already up soon, and you can check out the rankings on our campaign post.

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