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X-Wing: Cloak of the Sith Campaign

*Updated 6/12/2018*
Datafile: Planet Roon
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Welcome to Iron Seer's first campaign!

We intend for there to be several campaigns going on at once, and because of this there may be some slow movement on some of them.  Never fear - the time limits are gone!  In fact, it's set up to be a sustained campaign.  In the past we've actually had them go on well over a year before we reigned it back to focus on one at a time, but we're opening the floodgates now.  When everything is in place, you can be guaranteed no matter which minis you want to move you can have your game recorded for posterity with Iron Seer!

Star Wars X-Wing has been a favorite since it burst onto the scene a few years ago, and pretty much everyone who's into games that I know digs this one.  For this campaign, there will be three factions vying for supremacy of the Manda-Roon Merchant Route, the Death Wind Corridor and the other space around Roon, Ryloth and Manda.

The Rebellion's Battle Fleet Tarquinas has been mustering near Ryloth for the past while, and after Imperial aggression around the Cloak of the Sith, has been forced to relocate to a remote area outside the Cloak.  From here, the Battle Group must contend with enemy fighters all along the Cloak, from Imperial TIEs swarming Ryloth or Manda to pirate scum pouring out of Death Wind Corridor.  It is the responsibility of the Alliance Flight Commanders to protect the secret of the mustering Battle Fleet, and to perform military action against the enemies of the Rebellion as it is necessary.

Imperial Expeditionary Fleet Naugrelas arrived in the sector near Manda and at least one large fleet scale action has occurred around the Cloak, though the Imperials balk at flying into it.  Instead, carriers and escort ships have been sent in for patrols looking for pirates, and hoping for rebels.  Recently, the Imperials scaled back their efforts to move more capital ships into the Cloak itself...but space stations are reportedly being built for the purpose of monitoring and attacking unauthorized ships on both ends of Death Wind Corridor and the Manda Route.

For their part, the Death Wind Cartels seem united.  They hate everyone, and they want all the big ships OUT.  Indiscriminately attacking all military vessels, it seems they are united behind one thing: the ejection of the larger Galactic Civil War so they can go back to murdering each other in peace.

Campaign Rules
  • Teams
    • Signup on our Facebook Group and declare your faction.  Obviously, you'll need to be somewhat local to play in the campaign (at least for now).
    • If you have a Challonge account or want to make one, you can add your name and face to our Challonge team page!
  • Matches
    • Matches are best of three games.  Sets are counted for each game played, and the match goes to the first player to achieve two wins against their opponent.
    • 100 Squadron Points available per game.
    • For 3 person games, one commander will run an allied faction squadron 'under the banner' of the other commander.  For 4 person games, two games will be drawn on the campaign record with each commander squaring off against one of the opposing commanders.
  • Team and Pilot Ranking
    • The team that accrues the most match wins will win the campaign and move the narrative forward.
    • Individual Pilots will be given a ranking based on the number of sorties and their success rate.  The Player with the highest individual rank will be declared Galactic Fighter Ace by the Iron Seer and everyone will have to live with that until a new one is crowned.
    • The player that has played the most games sets the Battle Level.  The difference between the Battle Level and your number of sorties will affect your individual ranking, meaning you will not win the campaign if you win one game.

Poorly Photoshoped X-Wingery
Note to Graphic Designers:  Mind the S-Foils.

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