Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Content Update / Site Overhaul

Before the Good Times, Comes Work.
Inspirobot will tell you like it is.

Oof.  I really let the fire rush to my head on that last post.  Let's forget all that for a while, and maybe we'll circle back in a while.  Maybe not.  

So many things have changed since the end of 2019, it's taken this long to really see the impact on how we do gaming in our area.  The very nature of the hobby has changed quite a bit for me personally since our activities have been limited.  Now that we've spent some time in the 'new normal', I think it's time to shift gears.  We've come to see how things have matured and how people have begun to interact.  Now, it will be easier to create engaging content instead of having 'false-starts'.  With the Beer Koof returning in force, it might be some time before we see larger scale organized gaming...

Anyways...seems a good a time as any to overhaul the site!

I've been thinking this over for a while and it's time to prune old articles, as well as update a few.  I've been fighting with the mobile display code for a while since I'm stubborn and used an older template style, but I think I finally have it licked.  You should have a much better time navigating the site on mobile, but this is just the beginning.  I have been building a better organization for everything than what I have now, with a much better presentation.

One important change will be my publication days.  Due to the way our schedule has developed over almost two years of Beer Koof, my original publication days of Sunday and Friday are no longer workable.  Starting now, publication for Iron Seer Wargames will be Wednesday and RAWRPG will be Saturday.  That should help me with gathering up time to maintain the site much better than my trickle of posts would show.

I also have content from old, defunct blogs that I keep finding myself referring to over time.  The answer here is obvious, so I'll begin to update and integrate content from those places as well where it's relevant.  There are a few gems out there I'm proud of and I'd like to see renewed for a new decade.  Yeah...I've been at this a while...

During this maintenance time, some parts of the site may become inaccessible for short periods...or may become replaced by a new section entirely.  Don't worry - it's being put back together in a nice package.  This will be a slow process for me, and I expect it to take me at least a week as I'm going to go through all the content piece by piece.  I'm considering a lot of actions here...from merging the subdomain to a 'soft' relaunch of the wargames section.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do, but be advised there will be some changes to organization and display.

If you have any suggestions for changes you'd like or features that might be cool to integrate, let me know by dropping a comment here on the blog or on social media.  Give me your suggestions!

If you haven't already, take a moment and sign up for Disqus.  It's a fantastic comment system you can use across the blogosphere, most notably (and most importantly) right here on this site!  Just click 'comment' below and tell me why dark UI sucks, or why I'm going to hell for cursing last week...

Whatever.  You can follow me here on Disqus, and I'll follow you back.  Then we'll Disqus things as we follow each other around. 

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