Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Woodland / Grassland Hills

Woodland Hills All Finished!

 I consider hills to be one of the cornerstones of the tabletop.  Whenever I build a new table, these are one of the first things I count for terrain.  Of course, I'm old school so these hills are 'free-placed' rather than built into any tabletop.  Modular hills - they are ubiquitous, and every table needs some modular hills.

Woodland Hills 1

Continuing with the motif of updating the hills from the old club.  Obviously, these were concerned with functionality over aesthetics.  All of these were cut from standard styrofoam, probably cribbed from packaging.  They were then treated like I normally do them - covered in pva to create a hard shell and then spraypainted.  This makes them very sturdy - the big one on the bottom right is almost 25 years old.

Woodland Hills 2

The edge-old dilemma of storing these kind of hills is the 'chipping' that will occur as they are tossed around over the decades.  Every time I redo these, this is the #1 thing that must be fixed every single time.  Luckily, I ran across a method I would have never thought of to fix this - or at least heavily mitigate it.

Woodland Hills 5

And thus I found - the wet toilet paper method.

Woodland Hills 3

The idea apparently is used quite a bit across the terrain-o-sphere, but I got the idea to use it here at the edges of my chipping styro-hills because of the apparent strength granted.  The methodology is simple:  using watered-down PVA glue, you apply a rim of 'wet' toilet paper and let it dry.  This not only hardens the edges of the styrofoam, but also can be spray-painted.

Woodland Hills 4

Make sure to get up under there.  Don't worry - it dries flat.  The reason you can see under the rims in some of the pics is because of my tables slight warpage in the center.  

Hey, it's old too.

Woodland Hills 6

Once they were dried, I painted them up with some acrylic.

Woodland Hills 7

I almost called it done here.  

Woodland Hills 9 - Battletech!

Yet, I decided to go ahead and apply some flock before I took pics of the table in my dimly lit dungeon.

Woodland Hills 10 - Star Wars Miniatures

There's a special mix of flocking material including sand and talus, but it's mostly different colored flocks.

Woodland Hills 11 - Dungeons & Dragons

So yeah...I should probably replace my tables or build a new one.  That bend in the middle really grinds my gears, but oh well.  Maybe I should just resurface it.

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